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"Las Vegas 1960" the screen announces -- in case anyone forgot from last week and the old-timey casinos and cars and Nixon newspaper headlines aren't enough to remind people that we're not in the present day.

We open with Sheriff Lamb eating breakfast at a diner, where he has to tell the waitress to keep calling him "Ralph" instead of "sheriff," and he'd like to continue paying for his meals, despite her attempt to give it to him on the house, a benefit his predecessor wasn't shy about taking advantage of it seems. ADA O'Connell comes in to buy a pack of gum and continue lay the foundation for the love-interest story, and they leave together. I mean, not together together, just together.

Outside, O'Connell exposits that the mayor's got a stump speech and Lamb attends to avoid it, what with him being simple and honest and squinty and everything. He walks her to her car -- little brother observing -- and then they see a shady guy nervously walk across the street. Ralph notes the collection of cigarette butts that have accumulated in the place where the guy was apparently staking out the jewelry store across the street, and more important gets a glimpse of the shotgun he carries into the store with him. With a little less urgency than I think the situation warrants, Ralph deputizes a handy street sweeper's broom and pulls the handle off the brush while he calmly waits just outside the jewelry store door. And when the shady guy runs away, Ralph beats the crap out of him with it. Good thing we didn't hear any shotgun blasts in there.

As it happens, Vincent Savino is driving (well, being driven) by to take in the Lone Ranger. Ralph appears to see him and gives a little smirk as he makes a big show of emptying the would-be thief's shotgun of its shells.

He's on his way to talk to his casino staff, where he reminds them all of Bob Perrin's nefarious dealings and warns that anyone who was working with him should heed his advice: "Leave now, and never look back." Within a few moments, three staff members have filed out and Savino looks like he's trying to keep his surprise in check. His right-hand, Red, tells him they can replace the crew no problem, but the manager who just left will be a problem. Savino tells him Chicago will send them a manager they can trust.

Meanwhile, the Lamb brothers have finished whipping on the bearded jewel thief -- that'll teach you not to shave, hippie! -- when Dixon pulls up and says they should head over to Henderson.

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