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Even Showgirls Get the Blues
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It's time to play the music! It's time to light the lights! It's time to watch the girls at the Stargazer tonight! At least until the Llewellyn Sinclair-esque director stops the proceedings to upbraid them all for not being goddesses, and reminds them that they're "not shaking their peaches for vacuum salesmen" here. He has particular vitriol for a dancer named Audrey and is more apologetic to the star of the show. One of the musicians tries to cheer Audrey up by telling her the boys in the band get it just as bad.

Over at the Savoy, Savino's enjoying a little time off from Rizzo, who's over in Los Angeles with Diane who has scored a screen test (with the help of Rizzo's union buddies). Mia's also not sorry about not having her around. "Hope she gets a starring role and stays there," she says. Not that business is going well; the count is down twelve percent, but Savino says he's got a bigshot whale coming in -- a Texas oilman by the name of Clay Stinson -- who can drop a quarter-million in a weekend. If he has a good time, he can probably reel in other whales.

On the strip, mayor-elect Grady is happily getting his picture taken with showgirls, with Ralph looking on in amusement. Grady's got big plans for a tourism campaign, and I guess we're supposed to believe Ralph came up with the "Welcome to Las Vegas" slogan, if not the actual iconic sign. Grady seems a little put out by Ralph's standoffishness, but it doesn't take a genius; Savino shows up to take Grady out for dinner. "A mobster and a dry-cleaner, planning out the future of the city. What could possibly go wrong?" says Ralph as Grady and Savino stroll away.

Back at the Stargazer, Audrey is practicing her routine alone on stage when the music is suddenly cut. She gets scared when no one answers her calls, so she panics and heads for the doors. The first two sets of doors she tries are locked. The third has someone waiting for her on the other side, someone who wraps a cord around her neck and strangles her. Still seems more fun than dealing with that show director.

Dixon tiptoes into the office. Jack asks about the noise complaint that Dixon was sent out on last night. Dixon says it turned out to be a couple of cocktail waitresses playing records too loud, and then I guess he had sex with them and spent the night, which is why he didn't shower this morning. Meanwhile, Yvonne is looking for something, but she's cagey about what it is, saying it's a personal item. Ralph quietly asks if she found it. She hasn't, but he hopes she does before Dixon does.

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