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We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together
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This episode starts off with Jack Lamb, a full-grown man and a deputy in Las Vegas, hiding under the bed of his girlfriend so her dad doesn't know he's there. I mean sure, her dad is a psycho, but at some point Jack really needs to sack up. Rizzo has come in because he wants to watch JFK's inauguration speech -- "A son of a bootlegger in office? And we helped put him there?" -- which makes this Jan. 20, 1961, and way too late in the morning for Mia and Jack not to be already at work, even in Vegas. Mia manages to get her dad out of her room, and Jack comments on how big Rizzo's feet are, and then they just start doing it again, they're so turned on.

Over at the office, Yvonne and Dixon are flirting again, because Yvonne has asked Dixon to accompany her to her cousin's wedding, mainly because she needs a warm body around so she doesn't get set up with her aunt's bucktoothed neighbor. Hey, bucktoothed people need the most love! Jack is even it, managing somehow to have extricated himself from Mia's body, and he and his nephew are both shocked to see Miss Halloran in Ralph's office. She's Mrs. Kent now, but once she was Miss Halloran, Dixon's French teacher and Ralph's girlfriend.

It seems that this Barbara Halloran left Ralph for a rich guy. Dixon seems to have animosity over her leaving his dad "high and dry." Ralph strolls in, everyone stares at him for a moment, and then he smooths his hair when he finds out who's in his office.

They greet each other warmly, and after a little awkwardness and chit-chat, Barbara explains she's here because her husband, some dude named Rick, is here on business, but was mugged last night, and had five-thousand dollars stolen. She says she wanted to report it last night, but he was reluctant, and she thinks it's because he didn't want to ask her old boyfriend for help. It doesn't take a genius so figure there's going to turn out to be a different reason.

Meanwhile, Dixon and Jack head out to investigate a murder on a deserted ranch, which might go better if Dixon could start concentrating instead of grumbling about Halloran breaking his dad's heart.

Jack takes one look at the nice clothes and manicured fingernails and determines the dead woman never put in a hard day's work in her life. Or, you know, had her nails down and got dressed up not long before she was killed, maybe. Stitching on her shirt indicates it came from the Double-N ranch, which Jack tells Dixon is a quickie divorce ranch. In other states, you need to wait a year before getting a divorce, but in Nevada, put in six weeks of sunbathing and go home a single woman. "Or in a casket," says Dixon. Hey! Quit ripping off Lennie Brisco's thing from thirty years from now!

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