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All Your Air Force Base Are Belong to Ralph
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We begin with just a quick little Vegas montage before we wake up with Dixon and a stewardess getting dressed for her flight to Dallas-Fort Worth. She makes plans to return as soon as possible to bang Dixon again, apparently, but ignores Dixon's attempts to cost her her job by coming back to bed immediately. Dixon is surprised to find he slept until almost 10 AM, and hops up, holding his hat over his junk for some reason.

Ralph is in the office typing -- hunt and peck, big surprise -- when Yvonne shows Savino in. Outside, Jack comes into the office and is equally surprised to see Mia there, waiting for her boss. "If you wanted to see me, all you had to do was call," he says, advising her to come up with a better excuse next time. I can't take too many more episodes of his bashful aw-shucks routine. Shit or get off the pot, Jack. And then Dixon rolls in, punching in and earning a judgmental cocked eyebrow from Yvonne. Must be nice to be the boss's son!

Savino has brought Ralph a bottle of Scotch to congratulate him on the election, and Ralph smirks that Savino's obviously there to thank him for saving his life. They start to argue about who saved whose life, and Ralph doesn't want to take the Scotch because he won't drink it. Savino suggests giving it to a friend, assuming Ralph has any, and Ralph manages not to point out that at least his friends don't routinely turn up dead in alleys or buried outside of town. Speaking of which: Yvonne comes in to say a body's been found on the West Side. "Don't look at me!" says Savino. Heh! Of course, Ralph was doing just that.

Over to the crime scene: Man shot in the chest with a hollowpoint bullet that explodes out the back. There's a big oil stain nearby, and a literal trail leads them to a car in the alley with a kid rooting around under the hood. He bolts when the Lamb brothers approach, and then those two morons bicker about who should run after him, and it's only because Dixon arrives to park the car practically on the kid's head that he doesn't get away.

Rizzo is settling in at the Savoy, but not liking what Savino's telling him: Business is really down, thanks to a cop taking a bullet in the place, plus the control board auditors -- who are still in place -- are making it difficult to get the skim out. But at least Savino's coming up with creative solutions for that, and we watch as a security guard rolls a tray of money into an elevator, some of which ends up hidden under a waiter's serving dome, while Mia counts the seconds they have while the elevator's moving.

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