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Appetite for Construction
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Elvis's "Blue Christmas" plays while Jack puts the finishing touches on a spit-and-polish job on his truck that's so good he gets jibes from Ralph about it. Ralph can't believe Jack got it looking so good, and Ralph defensively says he just didn't feel like "driving around a garbage can" and asks if that's a crime. Ralph knows when to back off. Well, no, he doesn't, but he backs off regardless.

Over at the Savoy, Christmas music plays while Vincent and Laura stroll the floor in their finery with their two heretofore-unseen daughters. Vincent boasts that he's getting Santa to stay "after hours" so they'll have the whole store to themselves, and Laura, clearly pleased, says he's "spoiling the girls."

On the opposite end of the father spectrum is, of course, Rizzo. Outside, Mia's waiting to spend her first Christmas in years with her psycho father, and she's surprising him with a steak dinner. When he pulls up, he's got his own surprise: Diane Desmond's got a giant engagement ring on her finger. "We're going to be family," she crows, pulling a shocked Mia into an embrace, with Mia's unhappy "OMG!" the kind of reaction that in real life would fool nobody but on television goes unnoticed -- although the Savinos look less than overjoyed at the news either.

So instead of having dinner with his daughter, Rizzo announces basically that he's going to get straight to plowing Diane, but not before instructing Vincent to talk to some contractors about something. Savino bundles his family off in a car and bids Mia goodnight. She stands there, trying not to cry, and then spots Jack across the street. And how much of a drama queen is Jack, standing there draped all over the hood of his shiny truck just WAITING for Mia to notice him? I mean, good god. She smiles and strolls over and he suavely talks about how she wanted him to ask her out when she wasn't at work or whatever and she gets in the truck and Jack is not yet aware she's doing this to get back at Daddy.

At the construction site for the now-in-progress Tumbleweed, a gangster named Nicky is getting up in the face of the contractor, Del Merrick, over delays and blown budgets. Savino is, of course, the voice of reason, but warns Merrick that they don't mind a little padding of the bottom line, but "Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered." Merrick is amusingly baffled by the turn of phrase, but he eventually gets the message and tells Savino he had no idea that the double-charging or whatever else was going on, but that it stops now. So everyone's placated and a Merry Christmas to all, except for the Jewish mobster Berman, I guess, who gripes about having to shell out for eight nights of presents.

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