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I'm not sure when I flipped my switch, but I know it was because of "The Cell," specifically Damon's revelations. Oh, I don't care what he did to Enzo in the 1950s. Damon did what he had to do to survive -- what he had to do, that is, once the script stipulated that Damon would be too stupid to grab the keys off Dr. Whitmore's corpse and set Enzo free.

I do care, however, about Damon's revenge-inspired murder of Sarah Whitmore -- a murder we now know took place this past summer, i.e. Damon and Elena's supposedly perfect summer. I won't pretend it is out of character for Damon to perpetrate a decades' long revenge campaign. This is the sucker who waited a century and a half for a comet so he could rescue Katherine from desiccating in the old tomb. Damon has stick-to-it-iveness. I can't argue with that, Show.

Even surrounded as he is by moral relativists, Damon morals are arguably more relativistic than those of any other member of the Fellowship of the Falls. I get that while Damon will try to act nobly or at least ethically, where Stefan or Elena are concerned (or where those who matter to Stefan and Elena are concerned), he doesn't give a damn about how he treats anyone who doesn't matter to him or his pet Velveteen Rabbits. Fair enough.

My objection lies in this: Damon cares terribly about how Elena sees him. He knows her to be less of a relativist than he is -- at least in the abstract. He's spent the better part of this season (and last) struggling (often against himself) to do whatever it takes to be good to and for Elena. And he's spent the better part of the last few seasons (particularly once Klaus grabbed Stefan and sent him off into Ripperdom) trying to be better overall.

Now we find out that during their personal summer of love, Damon left Elena for a weekend in Charleston (or took her with him and snuck away), where he murdered an utter stranger -- one who probably hadn't even been born at the time that the Dr. Whitmore used Damon in his Augustine Vampire experiments. The Damon I thought I'd come to know over 4+ seasons of intense coverage, would not have given a damn about murdering someone who was so far removed from the person who hurt him, particularly since the person who hurt him has been dead for more than half a century -- at least not while he was happily in requited love with Elena.

Now, had Elena spurned him for a half a moment all bets would be off; but for eight prior episodes, we've heard how it was the summer of their lives. That's why they forgot to worry about Stefan's protracted silence. Are you telling me Damon's generations removed vengeance quest is more important to him than Stefan? Balderdash. I mean, I guess it's true of this Damon, but if that's the case this is not the Damon I thought I'd come to know.

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