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Original Sin

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Fun fact: I somehow convinced myself that I already wrote this recap. I think that's because covering all the exposition in the recaplet was so frigging exhausting. Don't worry. I remembered in time, but since I already feel like I wrote it, I'm having a hard time starting, so I'm just diving in. I'm forgoing the Previously business because so much of this episode is regurgitation of what has previously happened on The Vampire Diaries. You ready? Okay. Oh wait. I'm not. The dog just upchucked.

Stefan: Where's the recapper? I'm finally above water and able to say more than glug and she takes off for a sick dog?

Elena: Right? I'm having a dream about you doing exactly what you're doing. She ought to be covering the depths of our connection, which grew stronger once I dumped your ass, shacked up with your brother, found out I was sire bound to your brother, turned off my humanity, ditched the sire bond, killed a waitress, turned my humanity back on, chose your brother over you and haven't seen you in months. I this is important, Stefan!

Stefan: So is my attack on this blonde bartender. Mmm, mmm, good. I'd better tell her to RUN so I can feed on her again someday, er... I mean so I don't kill her. That's it. I'm going back outside. And in an homage to my love for Elena, I won't be wiping the blood off my face.

Sun: *sizzle*

Stefan: Do I really have to recap my own extreme pain due to burning up, because Silas stole my daylight ring?

Elena: No, I've got that, since I'm going to wake next to Damon with a huge gasp over what I've just seen in my dreams.

Damon: Let's go back to sleep in my covet-worthy bed, in my covet-worthy bedroom, which adjoins my covet-worthy bathroom, featuring a covet-worthy tub.

Elena: I had a dream about Stefan. It was OMGWTFPOLARBEARCLEOLINDATM real.

Damon: Did I ask?

Elena: Do I need to recap the whole bar scene? I mean, they just watched it.

Recapper: No, you're good. I've got this. Wait. My dog just threw up again. Are you kidding me?

Damon: Perhaps she's exposition intolerant?

Recapper: Good Lord. I hope not, because if she is, she'll be dead before this recap is over. Oh God, she's trying to eat it. I have to go.

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