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Previously on The Vampire Diaries, I divorced myself from this show's past, because apparently all that stuff that looked like character development was just a joke.

Now on The Vampire Diaries, in his Whitmore House cell, Damon punches the fieldstone wall, until he frees a rock. He flashes back to the memory of Aaron dropping ammo as he tried to load his gun. Damon lies on the floor, reaches out between the cell bars and retrieves a bullet. He loads it into the keyhole of his cell, and then bangs on it with a rock. The bullet explodes, but the cell remains locked. Still, it was a pretty clever try. At least this new Damon I've never really gotten to know has his wits about him. Damon vents his frustration by kicking at the cell door. It finally pops open. Wow, this new Damon I've never really gotten to know has temper tantrums that are productive rather than destructive. Who'da thunk?

Mossy Manse. Katherine -- sporting some new grays -- wakes next to Stephen and she's about to cuddle with him, until she notices her hair is also falling out in clumps. Cheer up, Kiki -- at least it's the gray hairs abandoning ship. Katherine's, "Oh my God," wakes Stephen, but she tells him not to turn around, covers up with a blanket and sneaks out of the room.

Dressed and wearing a baseball cap, Katherine runs into Damon on her way out. He's looking for Elena, but Katherine hasn't seen her, so Damon yells out to his brother. Katherine wastes no time telling Damon she spent the night with his Stefan. Damon gets grossed out, which seems un-Damon-y to me, but then I remember this is a new character from the one I thought I knew.

Elena wakes in a lab. She hallucinates/flashes back to her past (we can hear a child giggle), until Wes starts dictating into his recorder. Being Wes, he is unforthcoming with details. He knocks Elena out in preparation for blood dialysis. I don't think people are knocked out for dialysis. I'd Google, but then I'd forget for the fifth time this week that I hadn't already finished this recap.

Back at Mossy Manse, Damon gives Stefan a brief history about being held captive and shot in the head, and that he's currently missing their girlfriend v.2. He asks Stefan about his night, but Stefan doesn't want to answer that question and of course he thinks it's more pertinent that Damon can't find Elena. Damon suspects that Maxfield is responsible for Elena's disappearance and tells Stefan to put on his "hero hair" so they can go find her. At least this new Damon still gets some good, snarky dialogue. We cut to...

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