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And The Black Guy Always Dies
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We open in Dr. Maxfield's lab at the Magically Moving Whitmore College. He's again dictating into his handheld tape recorder, but I've come to think of it as exposition machine and hence, I've come to resent the hell out of it. If you've been reading regularly, you know that I've been enjoying this season until I have to pay recap-level attention. This week, I'm going to try not to. No, I'm not sure how that will work out either, but let's give it a whirl, because right now I'm imagining that little Davina over on The Originals actually does figure out a way to kill Klaus. That means in the process, she'd knock off Mystic Falls entire vampire population. Just the mental picture prompts a smile is so bright, I ought to be in a Colgate commercial.

Maxfield says the subject (Jesse) has transformed from human to vampire in approximately 14 days. I'm not sure what that means anymore. I seem to recall that if you die with vampire blood in your system, you will awake as a transitioning vampire. You then have to consume blood in order to complete that transition. If you don't do so within 24 hours or so, you will die. When Maxfield hooks Jesse up with an intravenous dose of what he exposits is "undiluted Augustine blood," the camera pauses long enough for Maxfield to make mad scientist eyes at us. Maxfield predicts a positive response to it, but he's not only wrong… he's also nearly lunch. As Jesse strains against his bonds, Maxfield stops the transfusion, but by then Jesse is strong enough to break free so he just grabs the bag and sucks it down. Maxfield dictates that he's activating emergency procedures, but Jesse stands between him and the red button the bad doctor needs to press. The feed comes upon Jesse hard and fast. Grabbing his tormenter by the arms, Jesse sinks his fangs into Maxfield's neck. Title card.

Bonnie, who is sporting a fantastic new bob, has moved into Caroline and Elena's dorm room. It seems a little late in the semester for that, if you ask me, but then since her roommates have the power of compulsion, perhaps her late entry is our clue that the Admissions Office isn't part of the Initiative Secret Society at Whitmore that knows all about vampires. She's recording a video greeting for her mother, when Caroline and Elena return with far too much booze. Just because they're no longer in Mystic Falls doesn't mean that our girls can go without an Event O' the Week. This week's Event is meant to welcome Bonnie to Whitmore.

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