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Grody To The Maxine
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So Julia’s bringing her new boyfriend Barbie out to see the mini-egg in the mini-dome. Despite the fact that they’re almost out there, he’s asking, "So it’s like an egg in a mini-dome?" Because this show is terrible with its exposition. I mean, if you have to have Julia draw attention to it by exasperatedly pointing out that she’s explained it several times already… then maybe just rewrite it? Maybe just leave it out? Anyway, Barbie thinks it sounds "pretty out there" as if it’s any more out there than the maxi-dome. He wonders if it’s like the thing at a planetarium that projects the stars all around you. You mean a projector?

But when they get there, there’s nothing but a hole in the ground where the dome used to be. Before they can puzzle out where it could have gone, Linda buzzes Barbie on the radio to tell him about shots being fired on Greeley Street, and she needs him there now. Well, good thing he’s in the middle of nowhere right now! Julia says she’s going to find the dome.

Meanwhile, Norrie and Joe (who is trying to catch a chicken for dinner) discuss what "the monarch will be crowned" could mean, and Joe speculates that it means someone will soon be ruling them all or maybe it has to do with all the monarch butterflies outside the dome the other day.

Over at the Sweetbriar Rose, Angie notes Big Jim’s -- to use a Stephen King-favored expression -- shit-eating grin, and it’s because of his triumph over Ollie and a deal struck with farmers where they get goods and services in exchange for vegetables and meat, which sounds a lot like what farmers already do anyway, so GOOD JOB, JIM. Angie’s got designs on keeping the diner open, even if she can’t really offer more than one or two items a day, but she thinks it’s important. But she’s not going from waitress to manager, as Big Jim thinks, but from waitress to owner. She wants him to turn over the deed to her so she can learn to stand on her own two feet? Or something? A glowering Big Jim says he’ll think about it, clearly not enamored of the idea yet. Maybe that’s because it’s stupid? Are people even spending money like it means anything right now? Exactly what kind of economy does Angie think Chester’s Mill even has right now? Well, maybe that’s a dumb question, considering the appliance delivery truck was out making the rounds the other day.

So everyone at the scene of the shooting waited around for Barbie to come running out of the woods. Some dude had a bullet graze his arm, but he’ll be OK. He was shot by neighbor Tim Utley. "And I’d do it again!" says Utley, coming over from his property now instead of having already been arrested or at least detained by Linda. It’s up to Barbie to cool him down. Utley says he didn’t mean to shoot Mr. Feldman, but some freak showed up on his doorstep, ranting about hearing voices from the dome and Utley fired off a couple of shots to warn him off, which is when Feldman was hit. Meanwhile, the crazy dude is still inside, so Linda and Barbie head in.

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