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The Fire

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Keep The Dome Fires Burning
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We end the previouslies with the reminder that Barbie was burying Pete -- the good editor's husband -- and start the episode with the two of them in mid-fight. It's a gambling debt and Barbie didn't mean to kill him, but Pete, having had his ass kicked, pulled a gun on Barbie and in the ensuing struggle was the one who was shot... but not before managing to snatch Barbie's dog tags and dropping them cinematically in the chaos.

Barbie wakes up and Julia comes in to see if he's OK, because he was talking -- yelling, actually -- in his sleep. Since she's more amused than bemused, presumably he wasn't yelling anything like, "No, Pete! Just pay your debts and go home to your hot wife before you accidentally get shot in the gut!" Barbie's looking for his dog tags, and Julia says she'll keep an eye out, right before he remembers where they are.

Duke's dead, baby. Duke's dead. Two other cops show up to help a grieving Linda, cradling Dead Duke's head in her lap, and then they quickly and crazily leap to all sorts of conclusions about how the dome blows up things with batteries. So all the cellphones that people carry didn't explode One of the cops, Paul Randolph, is a little freaked out, wondering who's in charge -- it won't be the last time this question is asked tonight -- and Linda orders him to do his job, which is checking roadblocks or something. Whatever you do, Paul, don't get all crazy or anything!

Meanwhile, Joe and his annoying sidekick are back at Joe's house, having an exposition-heavy conversation -- the kind where Joe's buddy would say, "An hour ago you were having a seizure, flopping around like a fish on a hook," and tell him about the crazy things Joe was muttering, as if they wouldn't have had that conversation a while ago. And when Joe's buddy Ben crows about how they won't have to take "that trig test" tomorrow, Joe decides he can use trigonometry to "totally map this thing."

Speaking of exposition-heavy dialogue, over at the radio station, Phil asks Dodee, "Is there anything more about the military on that contraption of yours" She's lost the signal and is trying to get it back, and then they hear a reference to a dome again, and Phil hilariously notes that's "the second time in twenty-four hours" the military called it a dome. Did you guys even go home last night? "We're under a dome, Dodee!" He wants to tell people, but Dodee says they only know enough right now to scare the crap out of them. And you're not rushing to air with that? Someone didn't go to journalism school! So Phil gets back on the mike and starts waxing philosophical about the isolation of Chester's Mill before presumably rockin' out with some more of that rock n' rock music that the kids love to rock out to.

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Under the Dome




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