Under the Dome
The Endless Thirst

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There's a Riot Going On
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The townspeople crawl out of their concrete-factory hidey-hole and gather at the dome, touching it for themselves, as if the clear division between scorched-earth and perfectly fine Chester's Mill isn't already telling them what they didn't want to know: the dome is still there. Big Jim warns everyone to stay back: "Remember Sheriff Perkins? That thing exploded his damn pacemaker." Just in case they've forgotten. Carolyn and Alice show up for a tearful reunion with Norrie, who's sorry for running off.

Then Linda shows up, and she hasn't seen Junior in a while. Speaking quietly, she tells Big Jim that Carter found Lester Coggins' body over at the bridge where they had Visitor's Day. She says that like it wasn't THIS MORNING. Big Jim manages to act surprised, all "Lester's dead?" and the other Chester Milians are starting to get squirrelly. "First Duke, then the reverend, how much more of us is this thing gonna kill?" asks Ollie. And people are starting to worry about what happens if they run out of food. Or electricity -- Ollie mentions he's almost out of propane, and another person is all, "I'm out of propane too!" and someone else is, "Oh, if only there might be some way we could get some propane! Does anyone have crazy amounts of propane?" Big Jim says they'll have a town meeting, but Ollie wonders what that'll do: "So you can keep jawing while people die?" Big Jim retorts that his "jawing" has gotten them through a lot, which I have to assume is overselling things a little. But people are getting anxious, including Julia: "Honestly, I'm a little scared. What happens when we run out of everything? What do we do then?" Barbie doesn't know.

Linda's walkie-talkie's getting a lot of feedback, so she hands Barbie a badge, deputizing him until at least she can touch base with her deputies. "I'll help you, but I don't need your badge," says Barbie. I imagine the locals will really appreciate the stranger in town just giving him orders. Linda gives him a lift, while Julia heads to the radio station, Linda observing the tender way Barbie and Julia say goodbye to each other. That leaves Big Jim left to hang out with townspeople, and we learn that Ollie has a farm, so he doesn't have to worry about starving to death. Big Jim promises that no one in Chester's Mill is going to starve. No, that's Season 10!

Over at the McAllisters', Angie is looking out the window, talking about how five minutes ago she thought she was going to die, but it's worse to be scared when you don't know what's going to happen next. Junior tells her not to worry, pointing out that he's a deputy because people trust him now. "Whatever happens, I'll take care of you," he says. It's actually the least menacing he has sounded since literally his first scene of the series, but Angie grabs the snow globe and smashes it across his head, making a run for it.

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Under the Dome




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