Under the Dome
Speak of the Devil

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Big Jim Runs Things, Things Don't Run Him
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Our favorite idiot teenagers are all lying on their backs, having communed with the dome and apparently painted the projected stars on the walls and ceiling of the barn. Joe points out that the four bright stars along one wall aren’t part of any constellation, and maybe that’s them! Also, that stupid caterpillar’s chrysalis has changed from green to clear. As Joe says, "It’s pretty rad," and upon hearing him talk like an advertising copywriter from the ‘80s, Norrie loses her shit and whines about being "guardians of some secret cosmic mystery." Joe, who couldn’t keep a secret if his life depended on it, wants to tell someone, and the gang decides that since the mini-dome didn’t put Julia in the hospital -- like it did Dodee -- the "dome trusts Julia," and Angie dispatches Joe to tell Julia their little secret.

As promised, Big Jim has shown up at the town hall to come clean about his involvement, with Duke and Reverend Scoggins, to buy propane off the books. Big Jim deflects Linda’s pointed questions by saying that because he did so, the lights are still on, and the diner is still operating, etc. "You think I’m a crook? I think I’m owed a damn parade," he says. Linda says the dome’s coming down in fact saved Big Jim’s ass, because otherwise he’d be in jail right now. With all the bravado he can muster, Big Jim suggests Linda charge him with "conspiracy to keep the lights on," or maybe she wants to go after a real criminal? Someone who’s a mystery in this town? Someone blessed with a strong hairline?

That would be Barbie, brooding all over Julia’s house as she comes downstairs to ask him how the couch was. "Lonely," he says. "So was the bed," she replies. He asks if she wants him to leave. What she wants is for him to take him to Peter’s grave, and then she babbles about "closure" in a way that would make me head for the door and never be seen again. But Barbie apparently wants to continue having sex with Julia, so it sounds like he’s agreeable.

Back at the town hall, Linda wants to know what Barbie ever did that she should be going after him for. Big Jim says Barbie was working for Maxine as an enforcer, and putting the screws to the good folks of Chester’s Mill. Like Peter Shumway, whom no one has heard a peep from since he got in too deep with Maxine. "Some people have secrets. You couldn’t imagine," says Big Jim. Linda doesn’t appear too swayed yet. "What about you?" she asks Big Jim, who claims to be an open book, which causes Linda to literally raise her eyebrows.

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Under the Dome




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