Under the Dome
Imperfect Circles

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Approaching Thunderdome
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Joe McAlister wakes to find himself in that Doctor Who episode where all the kids are creepy and have gas masks for faces. After he gets done wetting the sheets, Norrie pulls off the mask she's wearing for some reason and laughs at him. Ah, young romance! She says she wants him to go to the dome with her so they can figure out how they're connected to it. He scoffs a little, but he knows it's the main plot of this episode so he gets dressed.

Over at the Shumway house, Barbie is just waking up to the sight of Julia's wedding ring in his face. It's like it's all he can notice even though Julia's naked body is attached to it. The sad music of "I killed your husband and then slept with you" plays as Barbie looks suitably guilty. He's not too guilty to take her up on a little morning nookie when she offers, though. Unfortunately, they're interrupted when a knock comes at the door. It's Julia's very pregnant neighbor Harriet, hoping to bum a carton or two of yogurt. They make smalltalk about how Harriet is due to give birth in six weeks, even though her belly is ginormous right now, and how she's nervous because her husband is overseas instead of trapped in the dome with her. Barbie decides to help Linda out in town instead of watching these ladies reenact an Activia commercial.

Big Jim is so pissed off about Junior continuing to sniff after Angie that he kicks him out of the house. Junior tries to explain his crazy ways, but Big Jim cuts him off with a good, hard slap. Angie watches the whole thing from another room. She apparently stayed there all night, perhaps hashing out the minutiae of her deal with Big Jim. But, seriously, why would she stay there? That is crazy. Anyway, Angie's on her way to say goodbye to Rose, who's still at the diner since there was nobody to bury her. Big Jim is pretty torn up about it. He's a murderous asshole with delusions of grandeur, but he's not heartless.

Harriet and the basketball she's got taped to her abdomen are just leaving Julia's house when she notices a young sailor across the street. "Greg! You're really here!" She runs towards him, carefully holding onto her belly lest it bounce out of her dress and into the hands of a Harlem Globetrotter. "I finally made it home to you, baby," Greg says. As soon as they touch hands, there's a spark of electricity and Harriet doubles over in pain. Greg is gone. In his place is just the dome. Things look pretty verdant on the other side, considering it was a bombed wasteland not too long ago. Julia, hearing the cries of distress, rushes over to help just as Harriet's water breaks.

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Under the Dome




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