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Crash Into Me, Or: A Supposedly Fun Thing
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Dora Lange got killed! Maybe it was by a cult. Her ex-husband certainly was in jail with a man who was maybe the leader of the cult. The Boys went to the guy's compound where he was bonkers, and something weird happened. Got all that? Good, because none of it matters. This episode is not about that. This episode is about how Marty Hart ruined his marriage -- fairly efficiently -- and found domestic bliss with Rustin Cohle -- also fairly efficiently -- and how Cohle then dragged him backwards, screaming, into the entire mess of his life back in Texas.


Rust stands by the door and knocks on it so the guards outside close even the little window. Marty and Rust act like they are not charmed by Charlie the Ex, even though he is oddly charming.

Marty: "You fucked with us, Charlie!"
Charlie: "No, you just weren't listening. Also, what are you talking about?"
Marty: "You were friends with Reggie Ledoux in jail."
Charlie: "Not what I think of as friendship, per se. Wait, are you saying I sent him to torture my wife and prop her antlered naked body against a tree? Why would I do that?"
Marty: "That's not what we're talking about right now. Did you have pictures of Dori he might have seen? So he would know who to murder?"
Charlie: "She gave me some Polaroids on my way in. For masturbating, you see."
Marty: "If I weren't into yelling at you right now, I would give you a long boring speech about the importance of family."
Cohle: "What was your relationship with Reginald Ledoux?"
Charlie: "He made drugs out of cleansers and potatoes. Necessity is, as they say, the mother of invention."

The Boys: "You admire this?"
Charlie: "Kind of but I also thought he was a pedophile, or 'short-eyes.'"
The Boys: "That's giving away a free pass to murder you when you say it in jail."
Charlie: "No, but in private he would tell me strange things. While sharing drugs."

"He said that there's this place down south where all these rich men go to, uh, devil-worship. He said that, uh, they sacrifice kids, and whatnot. Women and children all got murdered there, and um, something about someplace called Carcosa and the Yellow King. He said there's all these like old stones out in the woods, people go to like worship. He said, uh... He said there's just so much good killin' down there. Reggie got this brand on his back, like in a spiral? He says that's their sign."

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