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Ledoux Or Ledon't, Just Shut The Hell Up Already
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Somewhere on the flat circle of Death's Petri dish where we are all forced to repeat our lives under the dark stars of doomed Carcosa, the boys took the long way from the ass to the elbow in locating Reginald Ledoux, 35. How they found him is a very long story, but the why is that he makes drugs, and a drowned lady and Dora Lange were on drugs. He was a cellie of Dori's ex, and in a cult, so there you go. But how to find him? They needed to pretend to be drug dealers and go to Texas to kidnap a man named Ginger, who can bring them to the (similarly under-the-radar) Ledoux cousin known as Dewall, and that's where we are now on the crushed beer can that we think of as linear time.


Dewall: "Ginger, why does your face look all fucked up?"
Ginger: "Certainly not because these men are cops who kidnapped me from Texas."
Dewall: "Can I arrange any drug deals for you strange gentlemen?"

Crash explains the scenario and how they will take some drugs and trade them for some other drugs and this will profit them both. Miles is discussed, again, and I wonder if we will ever meet Miles. I don't want to get my hopes up though. I thought Reggie Ledoux was going to be so awesome, and then he was so awesome, and then they took him away again. Anyway, Dewall is being a real jerk about all this. Also a huge drama queen, just like every other person on this show:

"...I ain't got no use for it, or your money. I can see your soul at the edges of your eyes. It's corrosive, like acid. You got a demon, little man, and I don't like your face. It makes me want to do things to it. Ginger, you call me again, I'm setting Miles on you. I see you again, I'm putting you down. There's a shadow on you, son."

And with that he takes his giant psychic ass out the door so he can deliver more speeches to some other drug dealers about the state of their souls through the edges of their eyes.

Also, that hardly makes you psychic. Looking at Rust Cohle -- even in 1995 -- and realizing that he is a fucked-up mess of a human being doesn't mean you should join a cult to develop your ESP powers. It just means you know what a fucked-up mess looks like. Which you should, because you are a drug-dealer and a cult-member and a molester of children.

Crash: "I can't tell you how much of a toll all of this is taking on me. I have to do all these drugs and spend time with the worst sorts of people. Marty, step on it."

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