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The Sound of The Big Machine
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After an interesting opening shot presents us with some quick, twilight images -- A person carrying something? Maybe another person? And then setting fire to Louisiana, or at least a long break against the horizon -- we meet Martin Eric Hart (Woody Harrelson, with a sort of mannered marble-mouthed Southern Thing; charmingly provincial, not unintelligent.) He's still employed by the LA State Police CID, and not wearing a wedding ring anymore.

Q: "What did you think about him when you got paired up?"
Hart: "...You don't pick your parents, and you don't pick your partner."

"He" -- the edgy, "rawboned" Rust Cohle -- wasn't exactly the most popular kid in the precinct, as we'll see. (He is pretty awful, to be fair.) He moved here from Texas, and it took Marty Hart three months to get him to come over for dinner. This happened to be around the same time, I think maybe the same day, as several other things were going on.

Hart: "Our big 419. That's what y'all want to hear about, right? Dora Lange? The kids in the woods?"
Q: "Yeah, but also about him. Talk about him, that's the point of this show. Weird?"
Hart: "Very. Rust would quote 'Pick a fight with the sky, he didn't like its shade of blue'."
Q: "Oh, please don't say things like that. It bums us out. You aren't Raymond Carver."

Over shots of Rust approaching the Hart house in 1995 with a bouquet for the wife, drunk for the first time in a while because Marty Hart has two daughters and Rust has none. Then we switch to 2012 Rust, who looks pretty wasted. Not like he's drunk yet but like his physical body has been wasted by the last seventeen years until he is almost a ghost. He looks like he smells hideous.

Cohle: "Dora Lange, sure. Occult ritual murder..."
Q: "Please don't smoke in here. Due to it being 2012."
Cohle, smoking: "Uh, pretty sure you are desperate to hear what I say, and I can do anything I want. It makes me feel powerful to flout the rules. Nobody has ever wanted to hear me talk, ever, because I am the worst. So this is a new situation."

They slide him a coffee mug that says BIG HUGE HUG to ash in, and he continues. There is no big hug huge enough.

Cohle: "It was an assist call on a 419 in the cane fields outside Erath. The two cases I'd worked since joining CID were both open-and-shut, this was the first complicated one. I remember the date, 3 Jan 1995, because it was my dead daughter's birthday."

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