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The Moon Won't Use the Door
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Over the course of several interviews in 1995, it was determined -- and exhaustively confirmed -- that Dora Lange had gotten herself involved in some kind of cult. A flyer from her stuff led the boys vaguely toward a burnt-out church which revealed more antler-lady artwork, as more cases supporting Cohle's theory about a serial killer continue to mount. It's a race to prove the theory before the Jesus Crew takes over the case. Meanwhile, control-freak Marty is having trouble controlling his various women, and Cohle continues to reveal more and more of his infinite personal problems.


A crew takes pictures of the antler art at the old church, which we learn was burned down four months previous, and the CID puts out an APB on these "Friends of Christ." This leads the Boys within the week to a tent revival where everybody is very glamorous in their apparel, and very into being at church.

Pastor: "He saw you in those dark corners, He heard you... You are a stranger to yourself, and yet He knows you... And when your heart hardened, made you liken to the stone, and broke you from His body, which is the stars and the wind between the stars, He knew you. That is forever. This world is a veil... And the face you wear is not your own. It is merely the limitation of your senses."

Marty is kind of annoyed by all the dramatics, but not half as much as Cohle, who loves nothing more than telling stories about how awesome he is, no matter how desperately the evidence is leveraged.

Cohle: "What do you think the average IQ of this group is?"
Marty: "Ugh. You've got to feel pretty cornered if you need to get yourself off like that."
Cohle: "But they have obesity and poverty! And they give money to the church!"
Marty: "You just described people. You are talking about America like you're not American. It's pitiable. So, not everybody wants to sit alone in an empty room beating off to murder manuals. Some folks enjoy community, the common good."
Cohle: "But how can it be the common good if I think it's stupid? Me, who has demonstrably cut myself off from the common good and thinks we should all commit suicide, and therefore am an expert."
Pastor: "Your sorrows pin you to this place. They divide you from what your heart knows, and there are a lot of good hearts out there. I see a lot of joy out there."

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