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Old Men Die & The World Keeps Spinning
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We met the 2012 versions of Marty Hart and Rustin Cohle, being interviewed separately about a sprawling occult case they closed in 1995 that may be coming back to haunt the parish. Rust's sad history -- dead daughter, failed marriage, addiction issues -- and Marty's sad future -- divorce, at the very least -- seem poised to collide as the story leads up to their seemingly inevitable falling-out.

In 1995, we've just connected the hooker's staged murder to an old unsolved abduction -- as well as our first hints of the victim's cult participation leading up to her sacrifice -- but Louisiana politics are threatening to throw a wrench in the investigation: Performative religious fervor and interdepartmental corruption are busily turning the whole thing into a CYA/PR circus.

2012: COHLE

Just a black screen, as Cohle slowly realizes he's been babbling for a while, drinking the beers the cops brought him: "...I'd lay awake thinking about women. My daughter, my wife. It's like something's just got your name on it, like a like a bullet or a nail in the road..." Naming this tendency as "one reason" he prefers to drink alone, Cohle -- in his own sweet time -- lets the officers lead him back to the subject at hand: How and why he found the random "devil-net" sculpture in Marie Fontenot's playhouse, years after she was kidnapped.


Cohle, and then Marty, stare at it on the desk; there's a neat moment of slow-motion where Marty brings Cohle a cup of coffee, and they never take their eyes off it.

Cohle: "...The aunt reckoned maybe it was something she made in school? But to me it was like someone was ... having a conversation."

2012: HART

Marty: "There was a girl's school, shut down in '92 after Hurricane Andrew. Does that mean anything to you yet? No? Okay. Well, we talked to Dora's mother..."

Marty shakes his head as they drive toward the Ranch, the slow-moving girls in their swampy short-shorts, but we're not there yet.


Mom: "I saw that woman on TV, what we're in the clutches of, and I prayed for that girl's family. Prayed and prayed. And now it turns out I was just praying for me."
Cohle: "That's all we're ever doing. Where's her dad in all this?"
Mom: "What have you heard? He rolled his truck in 1984. Why wouldn't a father bathe his own child?"

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