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Marty and Cohle "closed" the Dora Lange murder by ignoring the serial killer conspiracies swirling around it and murdering Reggie Ledoux, but seven years later Cohle's having trouble letting go. All clues point to the voucher-school nonsense of Tuttle, Inc., which is good news for people who like bad news because nobody's interested in turning over those particular rocks. Marty's slutty daughter reminded him of a baby hooker he was once very judgmental about, so he had to smack her around because he loves her so much, while Cohle's spent the last ten years probably closer to town than we may have thought. A storage shed, also, exists.


Marty's left alone by another corrupt cop so that he can have words with Audrey's threesome-mates. They are emo and pathetic in exactly the same way Audrey is, and he is planning to beat on them just like he did her, because that means he is a good dad! Kids don't know the ways of men, that's why they have fathers.

Marty: "Which of you would like to be the first participant in my drama-queen performance of masculinity?"
Emos: "Why are you strapping on scary gloves?"
Marty: "Because statutory rape is very bad! Even worse than a cop using his position of authority to fuck a college coed!"
Emos: "For somebody tasked with upholding the law you don't seem very interested in following it."
Marty: "Don't tell me how I feel! My experience is my experience!"

The boys experience: Getting the shit beat out of them.

He gives a lot of reasons for what he's doing, all of which are overdetermined at best, because really what he's doing is being very afraid of the world and his place in it. He tells them they have a choice, which is to take this beating or get raped in Angola, thanks to his cronies. He tells them a man's game charges a man's price.

They're smaller and weaker than he is, which makes it easier to forget what he's doing. These are the ways of men. He's just teaching them. Outside, before he can drive away, he vomits. They were very young, and very afraid. It felt good.


By 2002 Quesada was gone, and the Boys' new boss was Major Leroy Salter. He never had the protective paternalism toward Cohle and Marty's hijinks that Quesada did; maybe that's because he had other friends to protect, instead.

2012 Cops: "Around the time of this big split Rust had earned two formal reprimands and a suspension. Salter called it a manic state..."

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