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The Light Is Winning

Marty holds his friend, both bleeding profusely, under the eye of God. It gets dark.

Papania's men arrive, shooting a flare up into the black sky like a single star. It lingers over the chamber, grace enough to bring Marty back the second it takes to cry for them, cradling his brother in his arms.


Marty's got balloons in the corner and the 2012 cops unsmiling.

"That's the last thing I remember. I was on the ground, sirens, saying my friend's name."

They're only able to explain the most sketched details -- Sulfur LA pedophile circle, "voodoo" and satanic ritual, the fact they're both grandchildren of the same evil man -- before he cuts them off. Doesn't matter anymore. But the knives match Dora Lange, and Lake Charles and had poor Errol's prints all over them. And Rust is still in a coma, but alive.

Maggie and the girls enter then, looking so lovely. He tries to drag himself out of the darkness for them, just for a moment; his smile is heartbreaking and effortful. Eventually it falls and he begins to weep.

Without the mask, he is beautiful.


They've discredited theories that Errol William Childress is a Tuttle by bastardy. He acted alone, he came from nowhere, sui generis, just garbage in a house stacked high.

When night comes, Rust Cohle stares out past the mirror of his window and into the city, unmoving. He thinks about what he say when he was there, and what he brought when he came back.

When he wakes again, Marty sits in a wheelchair by his bed, slurping a shake, trying to wake him up. He'll never say how long he's been sitting there.

They bitch at each other for awhile, relieved beyond reason to see each other. Unashamed. John the Baptist to a ragged prophet of nothing.

Cohle: "I saw him, Marty. Mowing that schoolyard on Pelican Island in '95. I couldn't tell how tall he was, and the sun was setting on his dirty face, and I..."
Marty: "That's what's bothering you?"
Cohle: "We got one. The saddest, most broken one."
Marty: "We are not going to get them all. Nobody is ever going to get them all. We got ours. One star in a night sky."

The camera moves us, from Carcosa to the castles, to the Ledoux compound, across swamps and trailer parks, down the bayou, to the first tree in Erath. The cane fields aren't burning any more. At least for now.

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