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The Light Is Winning

The Childress kids can never seem to agree on her gender. But nevertheless, Miss Billie will go to Errol, who loves her sometimes and hurts her other times. She's just a dumb animal; she doesn't know what abuse is. She won't ever learn to turn it inside out, to make it art. To climb up it like a heap of skulls, to ascend.

Betty laughs, or weeps, as Marty clears the house: A standalone tub in one room, which makes him gag. A pile of soiled blankets for the King. A million pine-tree air fresheners, hanging like a devil's trap. Marty finds her against a wall in a tiny room at the end of the maze, laughing and weeping.

Rust finds Miss Billie dead, finally silent. Bleeding out; murdered by God. Your world is only as big as you know it is:

"He's gonna come for you," Betty shivers. "He's worse than anybody."


Is played here by the gorgeous, pre-Civil War Fort Macomb outside New Orleans. A gallery of arches, overgrown with snakes and grass. A world and a church. A labyrinth with a thousand doors, and two, and only one.

"Come on inside, Little Priest. To your right, Little Priest. Take the Bride's Path."

In the second house Marty breezes past Old Bill, writhing in his filth, praying for water. He heads out toward Rust, who can just barely hear Marty call his name.

"This is Carcosa. You know what they did to me? What I will do, to all the sons and daughters of man. You blessed Reggie, Dewall: Acolytes. Witnesses to my journey. Lovers, I am not ashamed. Come die with me, Little Priest."

Carcosa is beautiful, and strange and terrible. Angles plotted wrong, dreams in the witch house. Gore hangs, mummified bodies. The devil traps grow larger and larger and larger, like Alice getting smaller. The Bride's Path is winding and dark and blocked by wicker circles, and dolls, and silence. Rust follows it.

And when Rust arrives in the Cathedral, the Bridal Chamber, the Burning Womb, the King In Yellow presides over it all. Spirals painted on his skull; his body of bones and sticks anointed. Beautiful green light shines down on them through the leaves, but the sun is going down.

Just before Errol runs him through, Rust sees it for a second. A blue vortex in the black stars. And then he is off the ground, a Little Priest. The Yellow King doesn't blink, and Errol laughs.

"Now. Take off your mask!"

Cohle headbutts him twice and drops, just before Marty enters and fires shots. He bleeds out underneath them as Errol nails Marty with a claw hammer from twenty paces and starts curb-stomping him. And just before he can ring down the final blow, Rust rallies and shoots Errol through the eye.

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True Detective




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