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The dog keeps barking at them as they fuck. Errol hates it; it breaks his concentration. But Betty likes it. It's a friendly sound. "Can you smell the flowers, Miss Billie?"


Cohle lines up the packages of evidence for his sniper/bar-owning friend: One to the Feds, one to CID, one to the SA and one to the US Attorney, two national papers and two local, two for the national news. None of it will ever see daylight, whether the Boys die or not. The Yellow King will see to that. But if they do, it's the best and last hope to bring him down. Twenty-four hours, and they go out. And the barman disappears.


Meanwhile, Marty has a characteristically icy meeting with the younger of the 2012 Cops, hoping he's not the mole if there is one. Papania still believes Rust is the psychopath in question and bristles when Marty tries to bring him to their side. Regrettably as fuck, he grunts, "You speak in riddles to me, white man." But when Marty asks him to come -- to save the Boys, if they need it, when they need it -- of course he says yes.


The beautiful, winding swamp road to Carcosa makes me miss Reggie Ledoux. Cohle tastes the psychosphere again, and it's still very much a bummer to hear about. Once they arrive in the place between the castles -- Betty watching from one, her brother from the other -- Cohle whirls around in the dust, having psychic feelings all over the place. (My notes: "Rust being psychic in a yard is very amazing.") Marty recognizes the look on his face -- he's admitting to still hallucinating sometimes -- and pulls out his phone to call Papania almost before Cohle suggests it. No signal, yet.

Betty's no help, as Marty tries to get inside the house with various tricks. Miss Billie's barking the whole time. She swears he won't like the tap water he's asking for, and finally he just levels with her:

Marty: "Where's Billy Childress?"
Betty: "Old Bill? Yeah, he's in this house."
Marty: "This house isn't his? With whom do you live?"
Betty: "You should go."
Marty: "Okay, but where is he?"
Betty: "All around us. Before you were born. And after you die."

Well, something about that little conversational fillip does not sit well with Marty, and he immediately shoves into the house. Miss Billie and Betty don't like that one bit. Eventually they vanish, Betty into the maze of the filthy house and Miss Billie out, toward and past Rust Cohle.

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