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The Light Is Winning

That little boy and that little girl, they're gonna be in that room again, and again and again, forever.


Steve Geraci is a hard nut to crack, but nobody can watch the Fontenot Tape and stay sane. For Rust the madness took the form of obsession; it brought Marty back to life. Steve, though, doubles down. He still has something to lose.

"...I tried to get back with the mother, I tried. She was gone, she split, the file was gone, nobody said a word! Later that year, I was in State CID on Ted's recommendation!"

Sheriff Ted Childress fudged the reports, as we know. What we didn't know is how hard Geraci has to work to keep it straight in his head. Maybe he always suspected, maybe he didn't; either way the walls are down now. This is how the dark wins:

"Nobody ever gave me a reason to second-guess it! It's chain of command, right?"

They think about killing Steve Geraci. He probably does, too. What none of them understand is that they are already standing on a boat with the King in Yellow.


Errol whistles as he paints, and whistles as the bell lets the children out to play. From his perch against the wall he breathes heavy, watching two girls twirl. The teacher's sweet to him, almost condescending, but somehow avoiding it; she offers him lunch. When a little boy -- unscarred, clean -- approaches, to stare at him, Errol stares right back. They are breathing the same breath, under the same bright sun. Some mornings you could see the infernal plane.

It looks just like everything.


Geraci: "I am having none of your mercy! I am very angry at being Tyler Durdened into confronting my unwitting complicity!"
Boys: "We don't care about that anymore. We burned all that off already."
Geraci: "But my entitlement! My Maserati!"

The Boys explain that everything is ready to get packed up and mailed: If he tries to stop them, protect the system, kill them, whatever he tries, he will be murdered and that evidence is going out anyway. A strange man who looks a bit like Ted Nugent dressed as Ricardo Montalban dressed as a survivalist Khan Noonien Singh, perched atop a hillock, fills his Maserati up with holes and he drives away.

The secret fate of all life is this: Inside every nihilist is an optimist, because they aren't strong enough to look into the heart of the theory they're espousing. It's all chain of command, if we're sentient meat. Why did Dora Lange die? Because Errol Childress is broken. Why is Errol Childress broken? Because Sam Tuttle and Bill Childress tortured him endlessly. The question becomes, who hurt Sam Tuttle? And so on, forever.

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True Detective




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