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An elderly domestic pointed the Boys toward Sam Tuttle's bastards and grandbastards, then pinned a tail on it by knowing about Carcosa. Marie Fontenot's death, covered up by a deputy, was captured on film -- and the Boys have kidnapped him to get the story.


Out in the jungle is a property with lots of houses on it; there's garbage everywhere, stuff we don't want anymore. One of them has a contract with the parish -- doing odd jobs at schools and cemeteries -- and scars along the bottom of his face. He grins into the camera, talking to his father, William Lee, the man that tortured and raped him, and his sister, into monsters just like himself. The flies are getting to him, tied to a bedframe; his mouth is sewn shut. Errol William Childress is almost beautiful in his madness. The monster's almost dead.

Errol heads out into the yard, back to the main house. It stinks; the garbage is left inside there, rotting. Broken dolls everywhere. They're not just set dressing.

The TV is on, set to North by Northwest. One of my favorite characters of all time is in that movie, the Martin Landau character. I could watch it over and over, just for him. But Errol likes James Mason, likes his clipped received pronunciation. He likes to do different accents. His natural one is marred by a cleft palate, but he uses it when he has to; it's part of the mask.

Betty's in the kitchen. She asks too many questions, and Errol rages, scaring the dog out of the house altogether. His chest barrels out when he speaks in James Mason; he strides. He is a King.

"Top-notch walk this morning, top-notch constitutional. It's been weeks since I left my mark, would that they had eyes to see."

The last time he left one to be found was seventeen years ago. The plan didn't work that time. Lake Charles should work better.

Betty cringes, working her way into the living room. She asks him to make flowers; it's their language, all their life, for what they like to do. They taught it to themselves after they were lost. This house is their heaven. It looks just like everything.

"Now Betty, I have very important work to do. My ascension removes me from the disc and the loop. I'm near final stage. Some mornings I can see the infernal plane."

For the first time in three weeks he traces flowers on his sister's clitoris, draws them out until she is shaking, as he's done ever since they were children. He tells her the story of how Sam Tuttle founded Carcosa. The day their grandfather raped Errol in the cane fields, before his scars. When they were still beautiful.

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