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Cohle realized that the constant clues pointing toward a vast good ol' boy conspiracy of rapine and carnage might actually signify something, seven years after the fact. Then he had sex with Maggie Hart, lost his shit all over everybody, and ran away, either to Alaska or a nearby bunker where nobody saw him for ten years but is somewhere in town. Then Reverend Tuttle, a minor character from several episodes ago, sadly died; also a girl died. Now Cohle is all over the place! He is investigating and in turn being investigated, Maggie and Marty can't stop saying lovely things about their mentally ill, long-ago acquaintance, and Cohle would like very much for Marty to buy him a beer and also become a crazy person like him. Marty is set to oblige, although he is bringing a gun.


The jukebox in this bar thinks for a long time before deciding to play "Angel of the Morning," a Juice Newton classic that was actually written about this one time a cop's wife boned her husband's partner instead of just filing for divorce like a normal person.

Cohle: "You look older and like you have something in your mouth at all times."
Marty: "You look like you died and brought back to life in a sewer."
Cohle: "Did you ever notice that there is a serial killer? You can tell by how nobody talks about it and there is no proof. That's because the state police and the newspapers and the government and also religion are all terrible things that exist solely to keep the white man down. That's why I put my money in Bitcoin."
Marty: "I'm only here because I am lonelier than anyone who has ever lived, due to my fucked-up notions about masculinity. But even though I am so lonely I am even happy to see you, it does bear noting that you seem to be on drugs and even crazier than before."
Cohle: "I spent the last ten years drinking, because of these twigs I once found."
Marty: "I can't tell if I am settling for you because I am lonely, or the other way around."
Cohle: "It's a shame you shot Reggie Ledoux before he could explain this show to us, seventeen years ago. Also because he was awesome. But for a third reason, because this story isn't even an indictment of privilege and decadence but just about this one gross family that everybody is related to each other. Would you like to see my storage shed?"
Marty: "No. I wish you ill."

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