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The Longest Day

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Let's Do The Time Warp Agaaa...Eh, Never Mind

Previously: Network executives took television shows that were poorly received and watched by nobody and CANCELLED them. They CANCELLED the hell out of them. And life was good. And the world moved on.

Tru "Blew" Davies walks down the hallway of her building toward her apartment. She grows concerned as she hears loud music. She should be concerned -- it's more of that atrocious crappy alt-rock like the show's theme song. She opens the door to find Harrison "Card, But Hardly 'Sharp'" Davis hanging out with some unidentified extras, playing poker. Tru is pissed, and wants to know what the hell is going on. Harrison introduces her to the guys, and then pulls her aside; after some bickering, he spits that he's been evicted for not paying the rent. He's got a little bag on the floor there with all his worldly belongings in it. Then Tru notices that the sink is overflowing, and gets mad because Luc allegedly fixed it earlier that day. She asks Harrison what he did. He doesn't have an answer, because the writers couldn't think of a plausible explanation as to how a guy sitting around gambling managed to break a sink. The only reason for this part is to tell us that LUC FIXED THE SINK. Which is actually a subplot in this episode. Tru asks why Harrison didn't go to Lindsay's instead. Because they only have one apartment set, duh. I mean, "he brought Lindsay there several episodes ago just to make out." What is she expecting? Harrison points out that he'd look like a loser to his girlfriend. Because it's one thing to be an unemployed gambling addict. It would be unbelievably embarrassing to be a homeless unemployed gambling addict. On a look from Tru, Harrison realizes that she wants them out, and he and the guys leave.

We cut to a Mogwai-sneaking- through-the- discount-store- while-trying- to-avoid- the-gremlins point-of-view shot of the bottom third of some aisles at a corner store. We pan up to watch a boy holding a skateboard while shoplifting some Mars bars, which I didn't know were still made, despite the fact that it's the name of the company. But then, as I've discovered from watching Food TV late at night, the world is full of candy bars I never, ever see in stores. Then a man who looks like the genetic combination of Michael Vartan and Harry Hamlin comes in and heads over to the cashier. He orders the cashier to empty the drawer, and does the gun-in- the-jacket-pocket trick. The cashier says he doesn't have anything -- they just sent a bunch of money off for deposit. The man insists that the cashier open the register. Skaterboi freaks out at the robbery and flees the store, knocking over a soda display. The robber idiotically turns to watch the distraction, and the cashier pulls out a handgun on him. The robber stupidly acts as though he's going to pull the gun out of his pocket (moron!), and the cashier shoots him. Blam!

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Tru Calling




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