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Big, huge, super, amazing props to Aaron for filling in and recapping this wretched excuse for a show while I was out having fun in Vegas. If it makes you feel any better, Aaron, a Swiss guy "flirted" with me at a bar by asking me if I enjoyed vomiting.

But he was really good in bed.

Okay, I was kidding. He was merely adequate in bed.

Previously: FOX cancelled everything. Except this awful, stupid show.

We open, seemingly moments after the last episode ended, or so I hope, because otherwise this whole "you can't keep avoiding me, I know what you can do," shtick that Davis is dropping on Tru as they both walk through the morgue must have been as tiresome as it is awkward. Tru is resistant to telling Davis anything, because apparently she wants to keep it between her and her brain-dead brother who doesn't quite believe her, even though she's saved his ass four hundred times on the show so far. There's no drama in confiding her abilities to somebody who is likely to believe her, so why bother? Davis says, "I don't think it's a coincidence that there's been fewer deaths since [she's] been working there." She's been there, what, two months? Do you jump to conclusions this quickly in your medical examinations? Well, it would explain last week's debacle. Eventually Davis convinces Tru to explain what's going on. See, he didn't really know what was going on. He just knew that something weird was happening. Tru finally explains the whole reliving the day show pitch to Davis. He totally believes her. Tru wonders why he isn't freaked out more. Davis says that he's seen a lot of strange stuff at the morgue. Like the Glucagon Emergency Kit. And the Acme Instant Toxicology Scanner. And people strangled to death without any bruising. Oh, he probably doesn't remember that one. Tru rants, "I can't live like this. I keep secrets from the people I love. I can't have normal relationships." What? What normal relationships can't she have? Was Professor Donutface all, "Well, Tru didn't show up at my faculty banquet for some unknown reason, so she's essentially giving me permission to cheat on her with another student," or something? We've essentially just skipped to what we'd be hearing in the second season after Tru actually tried to have normal relationships and failed. This isn't the kind of thing Tru should be complaining about by episode six. God, this show sucks. Davis says the important thing is that she gets to save people, and asks her what it feels like to know that tonight somebody may die and then ask her for help. He says it with so much portent and meaningfulness that I expect him to suddenly drop dead right after he asks the question and become tonight's victim.

But before Tru can explain how it "feels" to have a dead person ask her for help (my guess: "A little like you've eaten too much Halloween candy"), we instead awkwardly cut to one of those "it's not really happening right now, but we think (incorrectly) that showing it now will increase interest in the episode" transitions. A teen girl with long curly brown-but-tinted-reddish hair is in her bedroom, packing a suitcase. A phone rings. She tells the person at the other end that she's ready to go and loves said person back. Portentous music plays. Maybe they're just going on vacation together? Camping? College? No? Okay, then, Portentous Music. Clearly this girl is going to die. BEFORE HER TIME.

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