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Cut back to Standard Café, where Harrison is still whining about Keith to Luc. God, what a loser. He explains that he wanted to get his revenge, and complains that Tru convinced Lindsay to leave him home. Luc says he's sure that Tru had a good reason. Harrison responds, "Yeah, when you can do what Tru does, you always have a reason, right?" Luc's responds, "What do you mean? What can your sister do?" Oops. Harrison thinks fast, saying that Tru's always "looking out for her little brother." Yeah, around here we call it "enabling." Luc suggests out of nowhere that they crash the reunion, which is inevitable, what with its being one of the subplots. The two of them head out.

Back at the reunion, Lindsay sees Craig and heads over to him. Glenn once again interrupts her, and again she blows him off. She talks to Craig and goes through the note story again. Craig pretends that he knows who Lindsay is (Tru pointed her out to him earlier), and says he never got the note. However, this time he adds that if he had gotten a note from somebody as beautiful as Lindsay, he'd be "touched." Except it's too late now, because he's married. Oh, and Lindsay's dating somebody.

Tru heads back into the dance area looking around for Candace. Judy comes storming in, talking and talking and talking about how everybody knows that Tru saved Candace and she wishes the pictures had come out and talking talking talking. God, why didn't somebody kill her? Tru tells Judy that she doesn't have time to talk to her, and Judy leaves, hurt.

Then Tru turns around to find that the Random Boyfriend Generator stopped by and spit out both Harrison and Luc. Lindsay comes by and hugs Harrison, now that her crush is taken and all. Harrison says he has some "business" to take care of, and wanders off. Luc apologizes to Tru for just showing up. She tells him it's been a crazy night. He asks if it's "crazy good" or "crazy bad." Tru says she doesn't know yet. I think I'd go with "crazy bad," even if she does save Candace, who hates her. I mean, it's not like Tru's actually having a good time besides the murder. Luc says he's going to go hang out at the bar, and says Tru should come find him when her A-plot's all taken care of.

After he leaves, Judy comes back over to Tru with a platter of red herring hors d'oeuvres. Have one -- they taste like pointlessness! Judy wants to give her own opinion about Candace. You mean other than the fact that she can't swim? Tru once again tries to get Judy to leave her alone, but Judy darkly mutters that Tru should've just let Candace drown. The Portentous Music wants us all to know that Judy's a bit crazy. Yes, we figured that out. Judy whines that Candace has all these things like good looks, money, and popularity. But Judy says that Candace "took" them from people like her. She insists that she could have been prom queen, were it not for Candace. So she deserves everything she gets. If Judy had superpowers, she'd be getting all Carrie at this point. Tru tries to get Judy to come outside with her to get some air, but Judy refuses and stalks off.

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Tru Calling




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