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Back at the reunion, Tru heads over to Candace as she's talking to Mr. Connor. Candace bitchily observes that Tru doesn't have a date with her (and therefore, no boyfriend, meaning that she's a big failure), and tells Mr. Connor that Tru tried to convince Candace not to come tonight. Then she leaves so she can go tell some guy how good he looks with all the "extra weight." Tru looks as though she's reconsidering this whole "saving Candace" thing.

After she walks off, Mr. Connor asks Tru to dance, where he observes that she seems obsessed with Candace. He tells Tru that even though she's graduated, his office door is still open to her. Tru pretends to care. She looks around and notices Billy and Ronnie leaving the reunion area together, following Candace. The Portentous Music notices it too. Mr. Connor asks if there's something wrong. Tru responds, "Not if I can help it."

Commercials. Clip recap. Hate it.

When we return, Tru goes chasing Candace over to the pool again. Tru heads into the pool room to find Candace standing there next to it, still alive. She turns to look at Tru when Tru calls Candace's name, and then suddenly Ronnie and Billy jump out from some alcove by the wall and push Candace into the pool. Billy then pulls out a camera and starts taking pictures. This is their revenge? Ronnie got left at the altar so he's going to "get back" at Candace by pushing her into a pool? Man, I would have thought twice about marrying Ronnie, too. Tru jumps into the pool to go help Candace, because as you might have recalled, CANDACE CAN'T SWIM. Unlike Judy, who was captain of the swim team and should have therefore been named prom queen. We're all still reeling at that injustice. Tru pulls Candace back to the shallow end of the pool so that Candace doesn't drown, chiding the boys that they could have killed her. Speaking of shallow, I'm glad they made sure Tru was still wearing a white top this time around, so that we can all admire the wet, taut torso we can see through her shirt. Smoke 'em if you got them. And prefer women. Mr. Connor comes in for no real reason other than to yell at the boys for their stunt. Candace climbs out of the pool, yanks the camera out of Billy's hands, pulls out the film, and threatens to have them charged with assault. She says that the boys asked her to meet her at the pool. And she went, because? Never mind. Candace starts limping away. Tru asks Candace if she's okay. Candace tells Tru to back off, saying that it's not like Tru saved her life or anything. Because she's an ungrateful bitch and all. Mr. Connor tells Tru that there are dryers in the locker room as the camera lingers over Eliza Dushku's wet, tight, lithe young body. She looks at the clock and sees that it's quarter to 9, meaning that for once she realizes that she's too early and that Candace shouldn't have died yet.

Cut to Tru calling Davis as she pretends to dry off after the obvious costume change, because it's not like she just sat there in the locker room for half an hour waiting or something. She tells Davis that she stopped Candace from drowning in the pool, but that it's too early. And also, they already ruled out drowning as the cause of death anyway, but shhhhh! Oh, Tru's proof is that Candace fell in the pool at 9:30 and Tru didn't find her until 10. Davis asks what happened that was different. The Powers that Prod remind Tru that Candace was talking to Luc at this time yestertoday, so the guys weren't able to pull their pool prank. This time around, Luc isn't there, so the events have changed. Tru tells Davis she'll keep in touch with him as she tries to figure out who the murderer is.

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Tru Calling




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