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There's a knock on the door to announce the return of the Pointless Subplot of the Week. It's Tru's pants -- the ones she lent to Meredith -- and she's had them delivered. God knows why she didn't do this yestertoday. Anyway, she opens the door to find Billy, the nerd who claimed he was going to revolutionize blah blah blah. He's a delivery guy. He asks her if she's going to the reunion. She says she is. Billy says his favorite part of the reunion is when people exaggerate their accomplishments to make themselves look better. I howl sadly, like a wolf caught in a trap. Tru pays him and he leaves.

We return to the reunion. Tru appears to be wearing the same top she was yestertoday, but with a scarf and the boring pants. We watch Candace insult Billy again and walk away. This time, Billy regales the person collecting votes for the reunion queen with his big fake story about MP3s. Tru wanders by as he's lying and he knows that she knows that he's lying.

I have to praise you like I shoooooould! Tru wanders in and is confronted again by Judy. This time, Tru shuts her up by repeating all of Judy's gossip back before she can even spit it out. Heh. Then Tru heads over to Ronnie to say hello. They agree that they look great. So is he still mad at Candace? He says, "Things didn't work out. Let's leave it at that." Tru points out that Candace hurt Ronnie, and says nobody would blame him for wanting to hurt her back. Ronnie insists that it's all history. Tru reminds him that Candace broke his heart. Man, she sounds like she's actually trying to convince Ronnie to kill her. Ronnie points out that he broke Tru's heart, too, but that it doesn't necessarily mean she wants to hurt him. Then she pulls out a gun and shoots him dead. Or not.

Tru then heads over to soccer boy Craig. She tells him the sordid story of Lindsay's lost note, and asks him to be nice to her about it. He seems amenable, which makes me wonder why he wasn't nice about it yestertoday. Stupidness.

After that, Billy comes up to Tru to explain that he's not a total loser, what with the lie and all. He says that he did actually have plans for his fake technology nonsense, but that his venture capitalist supporter backed out. It turned out that the guy who pulled funding for the project was Candace's dad. Yeah, so we're supposed to think that Billy might murder Candace because of what her dad did. Jesus.

Cut to Standard Café, where Luc and Harrison are meeting to hang out. So it's serving as a bar, too? This show is so damned cheap. I'll bet all the editing is done by child laborers in the South Pacific to save money. Harrison whines about how he wanted to go to the reunion and explains how Keith used to torture him in school.

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Tru Calling




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