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Anyway, now that all those pointless subplots have had their first, negative resolution, Luc prods Tru to get back to the A-plot by suggesting that she try to bury the hatchet with Candace. Tru goes looking for her and is told by some extras that Candace was last seen heading toward the pool. Tru heads over to the pool, but gets nervous when she hears the Portentous Music beginning to play in the background. She peers into the room carefully, calling Candace's name, until she sees her floating face-down in the pool. Tru jumps in and swims over to her. She flips Candace's body over and freaks out because she's not moving, until she opens her eyes and asks Tru to save her. Except she kind of glares at Tru and speaks with a demanding tone of voice, which I find a little funny. She's even a bitch when she's dead!

So we head back in time, and in more abuse of continuity, Tru wakes back up from her nap at the office rather than at the start of the day. Davis comes in again and asks her if she's going to the reunion again. She says, "Yes, I am. Again." Wait, the reunion was taking place on the same day she got the invitation? Stupid show.

Commercials. When we return, Davis realizes that Tru's "again" comment means she's reliving the day. She explains the details of Candace's demise. Through horrible, horrible dialogue where Eliza Dushku spontaneously recites a medical-textbook definition of what a "foam cone" is (an accumulation of mucus around the mouth of a drowning victim), they realize that Candace was probably killed and then dumped into the pool. There's even more horrible dialogue. Tru says she has to run, but asks Davis to be available in case she needs him. It's not like he has anything better to do.

Back at Standard Café with the others, Tru agrees to go to the reunion with Lindsay, but suggests that the two of them go alone. Luc is fine with not going to somebody else's reunion. Harrison, of course, really wants to go. Tru insists to Lindsay that they'll have more fun without him, which is awfully rude since he's right there. But for unknown reasons, Lindsay agrees. Everybody starts to leave, but Harrison stops Tru to ask what she's doing, telling her that this is his "big date" with Lindsay. Tru tells him she knows he's only going to pick a fight with Keith. Harrison insists that this isn't the case until he realizes that Tru's reliving the day. Yay! Hooray for retention! Thank fucking God.

Cut to Tru, hanging around outside some building. This is where Candace lives, which we discover when Candace returns home and sees Tru there. She asks how Tru found her, and Tru makes up some lie about her address being in the reunion program. Because somebody who acts like she doesn't want people to know where she lives would totally give her address out to be printed in a program. Candace and Tru walk down a sidewalk to the building as Tru tortures me with "Do you remember when we used to?" bad dialogue. I hold my hands up to my face and give a long, low moan. This show would actually be less painful if the characters occasionally reached out of the television and punched me in the face. Anyway, Candace doesn't give a damn about the past anymore. She wrote a novel, called High School Confidential. Because she doesn't care about the past and all. She says that nobody has seen it yet, but that when they do, it will be "this generation's Less Than Zero." Wow, aim high there, Candace. I would only hope that if I ever told my friends that I had written this generation's Less Than Zero, they would have the sense to beat me until I agreed to delete the manuscript. I really don't have to worry about it, though, since my generation's Less Than Zero is already claimed by Less Than Zero. Tru thinks it's great that Candace has deluded herself so, but tells her she can't go to the reunion tonight. Candace thinks Tru's just jealous of her success, even though nobody has even seen the book yet. Tru says that Candace doesn't know what might happen tonight. Candace says she does know, and for some reason this confrontation becomes part of the Pointless Subplot of the Week. Candace rattles on that Tru will wear something trashy that Lindsay picked out for her (how the hell would she -- never fucking mind). She even guesses the outfit exactly. God, this show is awful. Candace fakely says that it was nice catching up with Tru, and stalks off after telling Tru she wouldn't miss the reunion for the world.

Back at Tru's apartment, Lindsay and Tru go over outfits again. Lindsay says that Tru seems tense. She asks Lindsay if she can think of anybody who would hold a grudge against Candace. Lindsay thinks that's an odd question, because she doesn't know about Tru's powers or anything, and points out that the entire class hates her. Which again raises the question as to why they voted her -- oh, never mind. Bad writing. Lindsay suggests that Ronnie might still be upset with Candace. It turns out that after Ronnie dumped Tru, he got engaged to Candace. But then she left him at the altar. Ah, sweet karma. Why the hell didn't Tru know any of this? Oh, never mind. Bad dialogue to serve as exposition.

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