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Lindsay and Harrison are hanging out elsewhere. Harrison is clearly looking for somebody, though he denies it when Lindsay asks. I don't know why he doesn't want her to know -- I mean, she was openly looking for somebody else just moments ago. She asks him to dance; he declines. She asks him if he wants a drink, and realizes that he's not paying attention. We see that Harrison has noticed a guy across the room and walks off toward him. I hope Harrison didn't leave a note in this guy's locker, or else things are going to start getting really complicated.

Elsewhere, Tru and Luc are dancing. Tru notes that some nerdy teacher named Mr. Connor is talking animatedly to Candace. He declares that Mr. Connor was the first teacher to "get through to her" (whatever that means, because it's not explained) and really "changed [her] life" (again: whatever) in order to telegraph to us that as the seemingly nicest, most innocent person, he's obviously the killer. Luc says Tru should go talk to Mr. Connor. Tru doesn't want to because of the Candace hate, but Luc convinces her that she should let "bygones by bygones." They both head over to Mr. Connor and Candace. Mr. Connor greets Tru warmly. Candace greets Tru with another of her fake compliments, saying she could "never get away with" what Tru is wearing, and calling her outfit "brave." Whatever. Tru's wearing a rather boring camisole and black skirt. It's not even a miniskirt, really. Tru recognizes the fakeness of the compliment and gives an equally fake "thanks" in response. Candace steals away Luc (get it? Get it?), so that Tru can talk to Mr. Connor. After they leave, Tru and Connor pair up and perform the Exposition Tango on the dance floor. How is that GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL Mr. Connor told Tru so long ago he's trying to write? He declares that it's all going well, and that he's working on something he "feels so good about." While they're dancing, Tru keeps sneaking peeks at Candace, because apparently she has some sort of hypnotic powers, and if she were to make moves on Luc, he would be helpless to stop her.

Harrison meets up with his mystery man over by the bar. The guy's name is Keith. Harrison asks Keith if he remembers him. Keith says he doesn't. Harrison offers to remind Keith of who he is.

Cut to the stage, where Glenn is announcing the winner of the reunion queen voting. It's Candace. Man, she must have superpowers. Everybody hates her, but she wins reunion queen? She heads up to the stage in her slinky black dress as lots of men give out hoots and catcalls. Oh, now I get it. Those aren't superpowers, per se. Lindsay has found Tru again, and whines that Craig never got her note and didn't know who she was. Then Judy comes up to whine about Candace's getting voted reunion queen. Yeah, how could they? Candace can't even swim! Candace puts on a tiara (really; you would think these people would have matured enough to treat the "queen" thing ironically, but no), and starts giving a speech about how she's surprised, but not really surprised, and can sort of remember some of the people here. She's interrupted by the sounds of an argument on the other side of the room. It's Harrison and Keith. Harrison tosses Keith onto the bar and they start punching each other. Some guys separate the two of them, and Lindsay comes over to see what the hell is going on. Apparently, Keith used to pick on Harrison all the time in high school, a detail Keith is just now remembering. I mean, if Keith were the campus bully and beat up lots of people, it might make sense, but the way he describes it, Harrison was his only target. Lindsay gets offended that Harrison came to the reunion for the purpose of settling a grudge. Yeah, that's so much ruder than bringing a date to a reunion and then tracking down a former crush and flirting with him. For shame, Harrison! For shame!

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Tru Calling




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