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Inside, everybody dances around to "Praise You." Man, remember when we had that president who had sex with his intern? Those were good times. Tru walks through, waving to folks that she knows, consulting her little reunion guide because, you know, everybody's SO DIFFERENT now after five whole years. Luc joins her with drinks, and then Tru is assaulted by a hug from a rather exuberant classmate named Judy. Judy is clearly the class gossip. She fills in Tru on the fact that some guy is addicted to painkillers, and some other guy is gay, and some guy fired his own dad, and some woman had cosmetic surgery done. Tru eventually gets Judy to shut up long enough to allow her to introduce Luc. Judy declares that Tru has "traded up" with Luc, because all that matters is that he looks good. He can beat Tru in secret, but who cares? Judy blathers on out of completely nowhere that Candace thought she was all that because she was prom queen, but that Judy was captain of the swim team and Candace COULDN'T EVEN SWIM. Yes, how could they have even considered making Candace the prom queen when she couldn't swim? Exposition this awkward and freakishly random can only be a poorly written plot point. Tru manages to extricate herself and Luc from Judy, who reacts after they leave as though all the gossip caused her to have a minor orgasm.

Elsewhere, Lindsay sees soccer boy Craig chatting with a guy, and starts to swoon. Never mind the fact that she brought a date with her. She heads over to talk to Craig, but is approached along the way by a nerdy guy named Glenn. He wants to talk to her, but she blows him off, meaning that whatever he wants is going to be part of Lindsay's wacky subplot, and we'll find out later. She strikes up a conversation with Craig, who clearly doesn't recognize her. Lindsay tells him the whole story of the note she put in his locker, and mentions that she never got a response from him. Craig tells her that he never got any note and has no idea who she is. He wanders off to hang out with one of his other jock friends. Lindsay looks sad. Yeah, it's not like she's already dating somebody or anything.

Tru and Luc wander around, and some girl asks Tru to vote for the "Reunion Queen." What? God. Thanks for reminding me why I wouldn't have gone to my reunions anyway. Tru casts her vote for Lindsay. Luc asks Tru about Ronnie. She explains that he was a former crush, and then points him out, standing off to the side. He appears to be wearing exactly the same outfit (black pants and shirt) Luc is. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not. Ronnie waves to Tru. Luc decides he's going to go get some more drinks while Tru talks to yet another ex. She says hello to Ronnie after Luc's gone, and immediately brings up getting dumped for prom, like, way to show that you're not living in the past, Tru. Ronnie apologizes for dumping her the way he did. He claims that he never meant to hurt her. He blames it on Candace, because she always "got what she wanted." Yeah, she totally made Ronnie go to the prom with her. Douchebag. We see Candace wandering around, and watch as Ronnie stares at her on the other side of the room while talking to Tru. He declares that everything in his life is just great and wonderful, while staring so very meaningfully at Candace.

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Tru Calling




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