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So apparently being able to tell her classmates that she landed herself a man has convinced Tru to go to the reunion. We cut to Lindsay and Tru picking outfits for the evening. Lindsay suggests that Tru wear a certain pair of pants. Tru agrees, but then realizes that Meredith borrowed them months ago and left them at the dry cleaner. This leads to some very curt exposition explaining that Meredith is in rehab. We're not going to see that, because a character on the show trying to beat an addiction doesn't make for compelling, emotional television. On the other hand, would you want to watch these folks try to take on such a topic? It's kind of like how I'm glad Star Trek doesn't have any gay characters on their shows. They can't even accurately portray relationships between straight people. Lindsay offers to pick out an outfit for Tru in our Pointless Subplot of the Week. Actually, all the subplots are pointless. But this is the most pointless. Lindsay brings up some guy named Craig, a soccer goalie in high school she had a crush on. Lindsay left a note in his locker telling him how she felt, but he never said anything to her about it. Tru is surprised to hear this whole story. Wouldn't Lindsay have told her about this back in high school? Well, maybe they didn't become friends until college, after Candace dumped Tru. I can't believe I just fanwanked a continuity issue on this show. Soon I'll be sending myself hate mail complaining that I'm too mean and asking why I watch the show if I don't like it.

Cut to the reunion at the school. Apparently the mascot for Grover Cleveland High is the gator. What high school not located in Florida would use the gator as a mascot? Well, the two schools where I live have Aztecs and Trojans as mascots, and we're located in neither Central America nor Greece. Our quartet of morons arrives, and Tru signs in. Lindsay and Harrison head off somewhere where they can't interfere with the A-plot. After Tru turns around, she sees Candace tormenting some nerd named Billy. Candace gives him a hug and then fake-compliments his tie, telling him she didn't know guys were still wearing ties like that in this century, before giving him a wink and walking away. Luc asks who that awful bitch was, and Tru explains that she and Candace used to be friends. Tru is flagged down by Billy, and they reminisce. He claims he's developed some software that will revolutionize downloading and render MP3 players obsolete. That doesn't even make any sense. "Downloading" and "playing" are two different...oh, never fucking mind.

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Tru Calling




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