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Cut to the present, where Tru wakes up, having apparently nodded off in front of a computer at the morgue. See, this is what happens when you get eighteen minutes of sleep a day. She expresses relief that she was just dreaming, as Davis Stilldoesn'thaveafullname wanders over. He notices a fancy invitation that Tru has gotten to her upcoming five-year high-school reunion. Five-year reunion? I don't think my class even had a ten-year reunion. Or, I wasn't told anyway. Not that I would have gone. Shudder. Davis asks her if she's going. She says "absolutely...not" and tosses the invite into a trash can.

Credits. That was the opening teaser? Man, that sucked. I think I prefer it when they mess up the timeline and show the victim getting killed in advance. Actually, I think I'd prefer it if there were no teasers at all, because somebody with a brain CANCELLED THE SHOW.

Oh, those sad folks at Boston Public are still trying to get our attention. I'm sure they're going to have an episode revolving around teen cannibalism during February sweeps.

When we return, Harrison "Tell Me It's Real (Again, Because I Keep Forgetting)" Davies, Lindsay Alsodoesn'thaveafullname, and Luc Tooprettytohaveafullname are drinking coffee with Tru at Standard Café and spitting awful exposition in our faces. Lindsay is ordering Tru to come to the reunion, even though Tru doesn't want to. So Lindsay and Tru knew each other in high school? So why did Tru say that Candace was her best friend? Oh, I forgot that Tru secretly hates Lindsay. Anyway, Lindsay threatens to drag Tru there. Luc warns that Tru's stubborn, like he's known her for all of five minutes, so shut it, Luc. Harrison tells her that he's going, too, as Lindsay's date, even though he only graduated three years ago. And even though Harrison said he was dumping Lindsay several episodes ago. Whatever. Doesn't matter. Nothing matters. Tru strides off, and Luc chases after her. I've finally decided that Matthew Bomer (Luc) is indeed hot. I have no idea whether he can act because they don't actually ever give him anything to do.

Luc joins Tru over at the cashier, asking what the big deal is. Tru says she just doesn't want to go to the reunion. I don't know why anybody thinks it's a big deal that Tru doesn't want to go. Who wants to go to school reunions, anyway? And a five-year reunion is pretty dumb if you think about it, because very few people will have accomplished much in that point that they can use to make themselves look better than their classmates. And if you can't make yourself look better than your contemporaries, then what's the point? Luc takes a moment to describe Tru's life to any new viewers (sadly, it appears that there are some, dashing my hopes of this show getting CANCELLED). He describes Tru's job at the morgue as "slightly morbid," which is kind of funny coming from a guy who photographs crime scenes for a living. Luc eventually convinces Tru to go the reunion (and why the hell does he even care?) by telling her that she can show off her "cool new boyfriend." Harrison? I don't think that will go over well. Oh, Luc meant himself.

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