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Tru rushes back to Mr. Connor's office. He's not there. She looks around the office and discovers some papers next to his computer. It's the manuscript for Candace's book. For any illiterate viewers, the Powers that Prod give us a flashback of Candace, telling Tru she wrote a book. Man, they really think we're stupid. They really do. Then Tru looks over and sees a new cover sheet for the book -- one that gives Mr. Connor credit for writing it, not Candace. In case we are as stupid as this show thinks we are, the Portentous Music gets all crazy with the brass and drums.

Cut back to the pool, where I just have to recap this dialogue verbatim. Candace and Mr. Connor are walking by the pool. Mr. Connor: "So you're sure nobody has seen your novel." Candace: "It's like I've been telling you, Mr. Connor, nobody's seen it. Why do you keep asking me that?" This week's escalating bribe to FOX: I will buy three shares of stock in News Corp. (current value: $38.60 per share) if you CANCEL THIS SHOW. Candace exposits that Mr. Connor told her that the work was no good and needed a lot of work, so of course she's not going to show it around to other people. So she hasn't gotten an agent or anything? Man, she's as bad as all the other losers at this school. Even Billy had gotten further with his dreams until Candace's dad shut him down. And of course, even though she was waiting for Mr. Connor to talk about it, she bragged about it to Tru, because otherwise Tru would have never figured out what was going on.

And Tru has apparently figured out that something's going on, because we see her sprinting down yet another hallway in slow motion while the Portentous Music pushes her ever onward.

Back at the pool, Mr. Connor tells Candace that he's been trying to write a novel for years, without success. He mentions that now he's seeing his own students pass him by. Candace says she thought Mr. Connor would be proud. He is, he says, but repeats again that Candace has done something he's been trying to do for years. After a brief shot of Tru running again (I think this school is in the shape of a Möbius Strip), Mr. Connor says that the only way he'll be able to write a book as good as Candace's is to take it from her and make it his own. Candace says that's not possible. Mr. Connor shoots back, "Not if no one's seen it. Not if no one knows," as he takes off his glasses. Candace looks scared, even though she could totally kick Mr. Connor's ass up one side of this school and down the other. He apologizes, and then grabs the back of Candace's neck in one hand and covers her mouth with the other.

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Tru Calling




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