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The plot is interrupted by Glenn once again taking the stage to announce the winner of the "Reunion Queen" title. This time the winner is Tru, because she saved Candace and all, even though everybody hates her. Three women force Tru bodily up to the stage. It's like Gwen Stefani being dragged to the gas chamber in that video for "It's My Life." Glenn sticks the tiara on Tru despite her protests and orders her to say a few words as everybody cheers. Why isn't there a reunion king? That's sexist! I hope somebody sues. Anyway, Tru notices as Candace starts to leave in a huff, and sees Judy following her. Tru insists that she has to go, takes off the tiara, and rushes out of the room after the two women.

Commercials. When we return, Tru is running down the school hallways. Eventually, she ends up at Mr. Connor's office, for some unknown reason. And he's there, claiming that he's grading papers. Tru wants to conscript Mr. Connor into her efforts to find Candace, because she thinks Judy might try to hurt her. Mr. Connor thinks that although old emotions may get stirred up at the reunion, he doesn't think Judy would go that far. Tru is insistent. Mr. Connor doesn't exactly believe Tru, but says he'll help her anyway. Tru asks him to search half the school for Candace while Tru searches the other half. He agrees. Mr. Connor kind of looks like I imagine Larry King might have looked like when he was thirty.

Tru runs down some halls and stairs. Run, Tru! At least we don't get any stupid reminders about her being a track star. Eventually, she finds Judy plaintively leaning against some lockers, drowning in her own delusions. Tru asks her if she's seen Candace. Judy whines that it's not fair. Tru says that Judy's starting to scare her. Judy whines that it's just like high school again, what with Candace's winning prom queen, and Tru's winning reunion queen, and Judy's being ignored. Maybe if you weren't such an annoying gossip? It's hard for me to root for any of Candace's "victims" when they're all so damned stupid and helpless. Judy wonders if it will ever be her turn to win some pointless, worthless title. Tru tells Judy that this will all change as they grow older and blah blah homily blah. Tru asks again if Judy's seen Candace. Judy wants to know why everybody is looking for Candace. And by "everybody," she means "Mr. Connor." Tru's surprised to hear that Mr. Connor is looking for Candace, even though she asked him to help find her. But apparently, Judy saw Mr. Connor with Candace just a few minutes ago, presumably before Tru encountered him in his office.

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Tru Calling




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