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Previously: Doug Petrie helped to write very good episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, such as "Bad Girls," "Enemies," and "Fool For Love" (also known as "The last good Spike-centered episode of Buffy before we all started getting sick of him").

We open with an establishing shot of a building exterior we're informed is Grover Cleveland High School. "All The Small Things" plays, giving many young adults in the viewing audience their very first taste of the concept of "nostalgia." Remember when the economy was good and the music was bad and any fears of the world ending were due to a silly technical glitch? Well, at least the music's still bad. The caption tells us that it's five years ago, and we cut inside to see Tru "If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time (Actually, I Can, And I'm Still An Idiot)" Davies fiddling around to her locker. Shout-out to CaptainSnarky for noticing her ponytail, the universal Hollywood sign that they're forcing an actress in her twenties to pose as a high-school student. A blandly pretty male Abercrombie model wearing a varsity jacket that looks like it was found at a rummage sale back in the seventies stops by. He is holding a football to signify to us that he's a jock. Because we're just that stupid and wouldn't figure it out otherwise, not to mention the fact that it's totally irrelevant anyway. If you're going to show a football in Act I, then somebody better chuck it at Jon Harmon Feldman's head in Act III. This guy, named Ronnie, comes up to Tru and haltingly mentions that the prom is coming up. Tru gets all wet and wide-eyed, thinking he's about to ask her. Then some dark-haired woman who looks even less like a high-schooler than Tru comes up and leans up against a locker between them. She has to lean against the locker to disguise the fact that she's taller than both of them. Tru tells this woman, named Candace, that she'll talk to her later. But Candace is actually there to establish to us that she's a major bitch and tells Tru that Ronnie's already agreed to go to the prom with Candace. Tru asks how Candace could have done this to her, because they're "best friends" and all. Candace gives some stupid speech about how friendships don't usually last after high school and blah blah blah big bitch blah. She's so ridiculously vicious that you just have to wonder how Tru ever became friends with her in the first place, a question that's never answered. Candace walks off with Ronnie, who watched this whole exchange with a sad puppy-dog face, as though he has absolutely no control over any of this.

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Tru Calling




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