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I made the mistake of searching for information about Tru Calling's creator and executive producer Jon Harmon Feldman on the Internet Movie Database. He's responsible for writing two episodes of Roswell, and he was an executive producer for Dawson's Creek. This is as good as it's going to get, people.

We open with Tru Davies showing Lindsay around the morgue. If Lindsay's black, shoulderless blouse with strange patterns, ill-fitting sleeves, matching skirt, and pulled-up hair are an indication, she's used her new diploma to land herself a job as a hostess at mediocre Italian restaurant that has deluded itself into thinking its actually high-class. Ooh, maybe she got a job at Rocco DiSpirito's new place? I hear they have a lot of staff turnover. Lindsay responds to the tour with varying degrees of distaste, and then inflicts bad and unnecessary and repetitive exposition on us by reminding Tru that she's young and can find better places to work. Tru responds, "I told you, working here will help me get into med school." Do you have to remind us that you're repeating bad exposition? Is that supposed to make us feel better knowing that Tru's telling Lindsay something awkwardly that she's already told her at least once? Wasn't the point of suffering through the awfulness of the pilot episode so that we didn't have to keep hearing this crap? Lindsay whines that she's not going to have anybody to attend parties with. Tru says she thinks she'll be able to help people here, prompting Lindsay to point out that everybody here is already dead, because LINDSAY DOESN'T KNOW THE TRUTH.

Just then, Davis strides in muttering to Tru that he just removed a tennis ball from somebody's large intestine. Awwww, somebody didn't have the cojones to write "rectum." Lindsay mutters something stupid about canceling her tennis lessons. Tru introduces Davis to Lindsay, and he goes to shake her hand, but he's got blood on his gloves, of course, because we don't get the contrast between "elegant" party girl and guy who fists dead people. Lindsay decides this is a good time as any to flee from all the death and stuff, and reminds Tru they're going shopping tomorrow.

After Lindsay's gone, Davis tells Tru that he knows the morgue isn't exactly "party central," but "things will pick up." Guh? Don't worry, Tru, we'll get all sorts of dead bodies in here soon. Yay! Oh, that idiotic comment is just so Tru can mutter, "That's what I'm afraid of," after he wanders off.

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