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Uh oh. This hotel room has a Random Forrest Generator! Suddenly he's right behind her. She offers to get him a drink, but he wants to do it himself because it makes him look suspicious. He wants to use the bottles under the counter, but Tru spouts out some nonsense about those bottles being the cheap hotel booze, and she has better stuff for them. Forrest stands with his arms folded and repeats the blather about Tru being a "gift" from the hotel. He says to give the manager his thanks. Then he says suspiciously, "Better yet, why don't you give me his name and I'll do it myself." See, he's all suspicious because…well, because it makes him look like the killer. So of course, he's not, and his confrontational attitude just looks ridiculous in retrospect. Tru blathers out some lie that the manager is home now with his family, but she promises to let him know in the morning.

They're interrupted by the other fratties watching themselves on a video getting all homoerotic with the beer and touch football in college. This goes on for a bit, and then the camera turns to pick up some young woman wandering nearby. It's the woman we saw dead at the beginning of the episode. The fratties all suddenly get silent so we can all hear the sad music on the soundtrack.

But never mind the sorrow, the stripper's here! Yay! Well, let's hope she's better than her co-worker. Incidentally, Turquoise doesn't seem to even notice Tru or recognize her from earlier in the day. And she isn't even wearing anything green. How stupid. So she strips for the guys to bad music, and the fratties all go "Woooooo!" God, she's wearing even more clothes than the woman in the strip club. She's wearing a one-piece bathing suit. Isn't the point of stripping to be wearing less clothing then you'd see at a suburban public pool?

Meanwhile, the non-drinking fratty is up at the bar. Tru asks him if she can make him a drink. He just wants club soda. Apparently he's sober, even though we just saw all of them do a shot as a toast earlier, but never mind. Also, wouldn't she have already served him at least once by now? Oh, fine. Never mind. Anyway, he's a recovering alcoholic, but he doesn't want to bring anybody down, so he wants her to make him drinks that look like they have alcohol in them, but don't. Tru has a flashback to yestertoday and remembers that one of the victims didn't have alcohol in his system. This must be him. Inexplicably, this doesn't make her realize that THE POISON IS NOT IN THE ALCOHOL. She does, however, eye the bottle of club soda, and after Dry Fratty leaves, rings up Davis. Davis is apparently doing an autopsy on a wax dummy. That's the worst fake human being I've ever seen. They might as well have used a cigar store Indian. Now I'll probably get an email from somebody saying that it was a real person in that scene. Davis blathers on with some pointlessly gross autopsy stuff. Tru wants to know if carbonation can speed up the effects of alvocardyl. He doesn't think it would. Not that the question makes any sense anyway. What does the speed of the poison have to do with anything?

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Tru Calling




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