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And here come the bachelors, showing up at like 4 PM for their party. They wander in all fratty-like. One of them asks what she's doing there as she puts the bottles on the bar. Not a smart one, that particular fratty. Did he think the bar magically stocked itself? Anyway, she looks at the bottles, thinks fast, and then declares that she's the bartender. The five men all scope out the place while John recognizes Tru from earlier -- you wouldn't think I'd have to point that out, but apparently I do -- and says he didn't know she was a bartender. Also, he points out that he turned down the bartender option for the evening. She lies that the hotel management is providing her for free to apologize for the problems earlier. He doesn't seem particularly bothered by this turn of events, all things considered in retrospect. She asks him what he wants. He orders a scotch neat. As in, NO ICE. Oh, I hope I didn't give anything away. Like you care. You don't care, do you? Me either. Great. John calls for a toast to "the best night of [their] lives," which we're reminded in flashback is the same toast they had at the beginning of this episode. Also, it shows that this isn't the same party we saw in the prologue. Tru watches this all with her brows beetled.

Suddenly Forrest wanders in, late, just as with the college party. Tru looks confused. See, now there are six men, not five. She sidles out to the next room to call Harrison to tell him that there are six now, not five. They waste a lot of time figuring out that whoever it was in the room who didn't die is the killer. Dun dun duhhhhhh! And I particularly mean the "Duhhhhhh!" part.

Is it cancelled yet?

After the pointless thirty-minute-mark recap (it's not like the show doesn't repeat everything endlessly anyway), we return to see Tru serving the guys drinks. Forrest's drink is yucky to remind us all that Tru isn't a bartender, because we have to take drugs to get through this show and we got confused and thought we were watching Coyote Ugly. She serves two of the other fratties, but one of them isn't interested in a drink. Tru overhears the non-drinker worrying to the other fratty that it's "wrong" for them to all be there together. The other fratty tells him to relax and not bring "it" up. Whatever "it" is, which is so obviously the reason why they're all gonna die. She heads back to the bar and pulls out a napkin. There she writes down a one- or two-word description of each of the fratties -- see, even she can't be bothered with their names -- so she can keep track of the potential suspects.

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