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Cut to Tru, talking to Harrison on the phone, telling him the poison has to be in the alcohol, because that's the "only thing that makes sense." Because it's absolutely impossible for somebody to add a white undetectable powder to the drinks surreptitiously, right? Also, THE ONLY GUY WHO TESTED POSITIVE FOR THE POISON IN HIS SYSTEM HADN'T BEEN DRINKING ALCOHOL. God. This show. Stupid. Hate. Shut up. So she wants to replace all the booze before the fratties show. Harrison, it turns out, is still watching the lamest strip show ever. Tru convinces him to try to track down Robin, the fiancée, as a possible lead. Harrison resists, but she whines until he agrees. Then he says using the "guilt card" isn't really Tru's thing. Unless she's playing solitaire, I guess. He claims that Meredith is the one who is big on laying guilt trips. What? That doesn't even make any…just shut up. What little we've seen of Meredith is that she doesn't really give a rip about either of them, so shut it, crappy writers who can't come up with decent ways to have scene transitions.

See, that's the reason Harrison brought up Meredith -- as a way to lead us to Tru stopping by Meredith's office in the next scene. The line doesn't have to jibe with the characterizations on the show or anything. It just needed to be there. Meredith is in the middle of "a huge case," which still doesn't quite answer the question of what she does for a living. Anyway, Tru's there to find out if everything is okay, meaning, "Have you been sucking stuff up your nose lately?" Meredith takes affront at this, of course. She observes that Tru has three "looks": "Have you seen Harrison; I miss Mom; and are you clean, Meredith?" Heh. The sad part, however, is that they're all actually the same look. I'm afraid Miss Dushku, while hot and occasionally charismatic, doesn't have a lot of range. Meredith insists she hasn't used anything in a month. Tru gives a "what if?" scenario, asking Meredith if she would pass a random drug test if one, say, were randomly administered to her today. Meredith insists that she would. Tru says that it's good to hear as much, even though she knows full well it's not true. She apologizes for doubting her and leaves. Meredith makes another soap opera concerned face.

Tru heads down the hallway of the hotel, carrying a box and talking to some nameless person about Lindsay on her cell. She passes by a maid cart and swipes her key card. Which won't be discovered the minute the maid tries to clean the next room and cause a small security crisis at this hotel or anything. Tru lets herself into the room where the bachelor party will be, and it's currently empty. She looks around the room, and it's not bad little suite, but it's nothing special. She sees the bar and has a flashback of like five seconds ago of her telling Harrison she needs to replace all the booze. My god, I hate this show so much. Saturday morning cartoons have more respect for my intelligence. Even the really bad ones that are just commercials for toys. She heads over to the bar and puts the "contaminated" liquor under the bar counter, rather than doing something smart like pouring it all out if she thinks it's all poisoned. God. I will get through this. I will. She pulls new bottles of booze out of the box and puts them on top of the bar.

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