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Later in the office, Tru is typing away on something when she looks at her calendar and sees a note reminding her that today is Lindsay's birthday. Oops. Well, she's not really all that important to you anyway, is she, Tru? Suddenly there's a knock on the door, and some blandly hunky soap opera stud enters. He's looking for Marco 2.0. Suddenly everybody is calling Marco 2.0 by his last name, Gardez. Well, screw that. Tru explains that he's out on a pick-up, and offers to write a message. With her tongue on this stud's abs, if her suddenly flirtatious attitude is an indication. Stud explains that Marco 2.0 is a friend of a friend and set him up for an interview as a crime-scene photographer for the sheriff's department, which is apparently located upstairs, above the morgue. She asks him how the interview went. He says he thought it went well, but after he left, he realized he had something caught in his teeth. Tru so very subtly flirts, "Sexy!" Well, if he's going to be her love interest and the show doesn't get cancelled, perhaps we'll be spared a season of unresolved sexual tension. Oh, who am I kidding? This show is so getting cancelled. She asks Stud for his name for the note. He's been saddled with the blandly hunky soap opera stud name of Luc. She stands up to shake his hand, which triggers the Random Davis Generator. He pops through a door into the office and asks Tru if Luc is bothering her. They're in mid-handshake, so the question is patently ridiculous. Tru points out the ridiculousness of it all by telling Davis that, yes, Luc is bothering her. Davis takes her seriously for a moment before she makes it clear that she's kidding. She starts offering to let Luc hang out until Marco 2.0 returns, but unfortunately her flirtations are interrupted by the tell-tale hoarse whisperer, begging for hhhhhhelp. She excuses herself to go put the plot in motion. After she leaves, Davis tells Luc that Tru tends to run off like this rather often.

Tru heads into the examining room as the scary music plays. The Tunnel of Trepidation is all, "What about me? Don't I get to be scary anymore?" She slowly walks over to the gurneys holding the five dead fratties, all still covered with sheets. She approaches one and slowly reaches toward the sheet. Suddenly he turns to her and asks for help. Not to be outdone, the other four each in turn ask her for help in different ways; a couple of them even start to sit up off the gurneys to beg for her assistance. It's still not creepy. It will never be creepy.

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Tru Calling




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