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Cut to Meredith "More Lines, Please. And Not Just In The Script" Davies, working late at the office. Some nameless suit comes in to tell her that the "board" has decided to implement random drug testing. And it's starting tonight, after hours. Right now, in fact. And by "random," they mean "everybody." Which isn't random at all. But never mind. This whole subplot is amazingly stupid and unrealistic. They'll be showing all of Meredith's scenes in this episode at the next national human resources convention in a seminar titled, "Things That Will Get Your Company Sued For A Million Jillion Dollars." Meredith assumes they're testing her assistant, but of course, he means Meredith as well. We get flashbacks of her snorting coke, which is actually a good use of flashbacks. Though it's also a reminder of how awkward and unneeded Harrison's exposition was at the beginning of the episode. The man tells her to "check in" at the table in front of the restrooms. She gives the soap opera look of concern as the man leaves.

Cut to some café, where Tru and Harrison are having dinner. Harrison is a slob. He asks Tru dumb questions about the time travel thing, because we are stupid and need this explained to us over and over and over and over and over again. He wonders if this is Tru's second time through the day. It's not. He tells her today would be a good day to relive. She doesn't understand why. Because of Meredith, he explains. They had a drug test at the office. She failed, and they fired her immediately. What? God! Fine. They had a little black box with a funnel on the top and the words "ACME Drug Tester" on the side on that table outside the bathrooms. It has a green light and a red light. They pour the urine sample in, and if it's clean, the green light comes on with a "Ding!" sound effect. If it's not clean, the red light comes on with a "Buzz!" sound, and it automatically prints out a pink slip. Harrison explains that if Tru could relive today, she could help Meredith. Yes, we all figured that out, you great big idiot. Tru says she can't control whether or not she goes back to relive the day. She says they'll check on Meredith tomorrow to see how she's doing. Harrison says something stupid about reliving the day again as Tru leaves to go back to work.

Tru and Davis walk down the Tunnel of Trepidation, making pointless small talk about whether Davis's white lab coat makes him look fat. We so really needed to see this part. And thanks for ruining the tunnel's creepy reputation already. They arrive at the examining room to find five new bodies. Tru thinks Marco 2.0 had to have been driving all over the city, but Davis explains they got them all at one location. The men are all between 20 and 30, and they died between 10:30 and 11:00 PM. Davis asks Tru to gather their personal effects as he does the examining. She asks about IDs -- Davis exposits that their wallets were missing. Four of the men had very high alcohol levels, but not enough to kill them. The fifth guy had no booze in his bloodstream, but had a trace of a chemical called avlocardyl. Okay, so I guess they have the ACME Instant Toxicology Scanner as well. Tru notes a wedding ring among the personal effects. She also finds a card for a stripper club called Foreplay, with the word "Turquoise" printed on the back.

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