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Cut to Tru back at work again. Marco 2.0 tries to pull his little prank again. Tru strides out into the examining room and yanks the sheet off him, ruining his fun. Don't care.

Tru's phone rings. Meredith calls and is somehow upset with Tru for not specifically telling her about the drug test. I don't know. I don't. Anyway, she wanted to call Tru and let her know that she passed the drug test, so she hopes that Tru can now let the past rest. Tru points out that she was just trying to help, then adds, "And I did, didn't I?" Meredith tells her goodnight. What did that conversation even mean? Tru obviously knows that Meredith isn't clean, and I guess she just told Meredith that she knows that Meredith isn't clean, so why did Meredith do something so stupid as try to give that "past is in the past" speech? And because we're all too stupid to figure out that Meredith couldn't possibly have flushed her system free of drugs in eight hours, they have to show Meredith paying some guy off for providing a urine sample to use to cheat the test. The guy asks her how she knew there'd be a drug test. She says, "I just had a feeling." She gives a little smile, because -- yay! -- she can still snort coke on the job. Wooooo! Another happy ending.

Tru and Harrison are walking down some wet and empty street in the dark in The City. Tru says she "doesn't get it." She went through all this work to save these five guys, and they could end up going to prison anyway. Whatever supernatural forces picked Tru for this gig must be terribly embarrassed by this point. Maybe whoever is responsible is also sending Tru those flashbacks that keep annoying us, because she's just too stupid to be trusted to figure anything out herself. Harrison blathers on that she didn't just save these guys. She put some secret to rest and whatever and she's doing stuff and helping people and duh. We get it. To quote America's greatest thinker: "Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand." Tru changes the subject to Lindsay's theory that one out of every guy is a good one (no, she said "keeper"). She spent all night with six guys who were bad, so does that make Harrison the good one? Uhhhh. Hey, maybe The City is located in that one state that just declared marriages between siblings legal last month. The state of Ewwwwww! Harrison, thankfully, thinks he's not "the guy." Fortunately, we already know this, what with him almost killing someone. But he insists that the right guy for Tru is out there, which apparently triggers the Random Luc Generator, because there he goes, walking up the sidewalk past them. Tru stares at him for ages, and Luc doesn't notice this, even though they're the only three people walking down this empty road. Harrison asks Tru if he knows that guy. Tru says, "Not yet." And you never will. Because this show is going to be cancelled, even if I have to win the lottery, buy FOX, and cancel it myself.

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Tru Calling




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