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Murder In The Morgue

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Shoot first; don't even bother with the questions

Cut to Justin, leaving a shop with two coffees to go. He gets in his car, and his partner tells him dispatch called. It seems Nicole wants to meet with him later. Justin finds this development rather odd.

Oh, I'm terribly sorry. It's called "The Standard Café." It's not any sort of café at all, but I guess they can call it whatever they want. Justin enters, and Tru's sitting at a table waiting for him. She calls him over and tells him that Nicole's running late. Ah, so she posed as Nicole earlier with the police. He asks Tru who she is. She says she's a bridesmaid fulfilling her duty. Justin says she looks familiar. She lies that she's Nicole's friend, so he's probably seen her around, to disguise the fact that he saw her earlier at his house. As he sits down at the table with Tru, we get another reminder for the witless that Justin shot at Tru and Davis. God. They've shown that moment four times in this one episode. Justin wants to know why Nicole called. Tru says Nicole's a little worried that Justin might have a little thing for her -- a thing called "homicidal jealousy." She's afraid that Justin might do something. Just responds that the only thing he'd do would be to thank her. Turns out her wedding was like a "wake-up call" because she's in love enough with a guy to marry him, and he hopes to feel the same someday. Though not with a man and all. It's the whole "my friends are all getting married, and I'm still hanging out at bars until 3 AM" neurosis. Tru takes off her coat and asks Justin if he can hang it up for her. He agrees, and as his back his turned, she sprinkles zinc sulfate into his water, which just floats there on top, completely obvious. It looks like a parakeet took a shit in it. Hilariously dumb. Justin takes his jacket off, too, allowing Tru to notice that he's not wearing his gun. She asks Justin about it, and he spends five minutes establishing that he doesn't carry a gun when he's off-duty. Tru realizes then that Justin's not the killer, because he doesn't wear a gun when he's off-duty, EVEN THOUGH HE WAS WEARING THE GUN WHEN HE CAME TO THE MORGUE. I mean, it's totally out of the realm of possibility that he would go back home and pick up the gun, then go kill Nicole. Stupid show. Stupid, stupid show. As Tru gets up to leave and find the real killer, she accidentally knocks Justin's bird shit water over. She makes an excuse to leave, telling him to wait there because Nicole still wants to see him.

Tru calls Davis on her cell to tell him about the latest plot twist as she returns to the church where Nicole is to be wed. They're both confused as to why Justin would try to cover up the crime if he didn't shoot Nicole. Tru says she doesn't know why, but she can still prevent the shooting if she can get to Nicole. Blam! Oops. Too late. A gunshot goes off.

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Tru Calling




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