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Back at the church, Nicole is having a mini-bridezilla moment because she didn't get the flowers she wanted for the wedding. Bridesmaid Exposition comes in to blather more nonsense about her mother-in-law-to-be's song choices, and nobody cares. Nicole asks, "Can this day get any worse?" because we just don't get it yet. Oh, it's a combination anvil and clever transition (man, I just love those) as Tru walks in right after Nicole asks the dumb question to make the day even worse. Nicole recognizes her from the salon, so Tru tells her she wasn't completely honest with her before. She tells Nicole that she knows Justin still has feelings for her and he might go to extreme lengths to stop the wedding. Nicole insists that she knows Justin, too, and he would never do anything to hurt her. She says she's also not going to let some stranger screw up her wedding. We hear the voice of a woman practicing scales, prompting Nicole to point out that she's got family to screw it up for her. Nicole stomps out, and Bridesmaid Exposition asks Tru to leave. Tru warns the bridesmaid again about Justin before she goes.

In the Pointless Subplot of the Week, Tru has sent Harrison over to the scene of the accident from yestertoday, telling him somebody is going to need his help, and to bring a baseball. He peers around and sees an old lady. There are some "humorous" "shenanigans" about Harrison thinking the old lady needs help to cross the street, but she doesn't and gets all shirty with Harrison for his insolence and hits him with her bag. But then the boy and his baseball come running across the street. The baseball goes into the gutter. Harrison kneels down and gives the boy his baseball and stares at him as he runs back to play with his friends.

Tru heads back to her apartment, where Davis is frantic from worry. Tru's says she's okay. She warned the wedding party, so now she has to try to keep Justin from going to the chapel. For some reason, the fact that Justin is a cop somehow makes it difficult to find a way to distract him from the wedding. Hell if I know why. Davis suggests giving Justin zinc sulfate, which will cause him to puke uncontrollably for hours. Is it possible to transmit zinc sulfate through television signals? Because now I know why I end up throwing up every Thursday night, beginning at 9 PM. Davis knows somebody who can get Tru some of the puke mixture (does his name rhyme with "Yon Parmon Heldman"?), and reminds her yet again that Justin shot at her as well yestertoday.

Meredith gets out of her cab in the bad part of The City, which actually looks like all the other parts of The City. She heads over behind some building, where some guy is waiting. He has facial hair and a ponytail and is therefore evil (Davis is the exception on the facial hair thing, because he's just quirky). This guy is her dealer, I guess. She asks if he's the guy to see for some Fun Dip. He says that depends on whether or not she brought him some money. She hands over the envelope full of cash. The man takes the money and starts walking away. Meredith chases after him, demanding to know whether he's ripping her off or something. Meredith learns that you don't treat strange men in back alleys the way you treat customer service desk folks at Wal-Mart when he grabs her, pushes her up against the wall, and backhands her across the face. Although I bet the customer service desk folks at Wal-Mart really wish they could do that, too. He threateningly asks her if she wants something from him. She points out that she'd like what she paid for. Well, maybe she got her back-alley men confused and just hired an S&M top? No? Guess not. He says she'll get "it" when she gets "it." You would think that somebody with a rather extensive drug habit would know how deals work in her area. Oh, there I go again, forgetting that this show SUCKS.

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