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This is Justin's cue to arrive home, and he does, in a police car. And uniform. The Portentous Music wants us to think that it's A Very Big Deal that this guy is a police officer. And perhaps it might be, if we didn't already see him pull a gun on Tru and Davis and shoot them. It isn't a plot twist, people. Calm down, Portentous Music. The dramatic rule is, "If you show a gun in Act I, it better go off in Act III," not "If a gun goes off in Act I, you better show it in Act III." For some reason, the fact that Justin is an officer freaks Tru out a bit more than the fact that he could be just some civilian who nearly killed her, as well as Davis, so she changes her mind, pretends that she's in a hurry, and leaves. Justin notices her as she's making her escape and asks Saffron what that was about. Saffron says she isn't sure -- something about a delivery. She asks Justin if he's okay. He tells her that when she's done with the flowers, he wants to talk to her about something inside.

Back at the morgue, Tru is filling in Davis on all the details. Davis says she needs to convince the bride to stop the wedding. Tru thinks that she needs to figure out how to stop Justin, but she doesn't know how. Davis says she'll figure something out; she's done it before. Tru says she's failed before, too, but she can't fail this time. Davis wants to know what Tru isn't telling him about what happened yestertoday. Tru insists that she told him everything, but he doesn't believe her. After much hemming and hawing, Tru finally reveals to Davis that Justin shot him during their confrontation in the morgue yestertoday. Davis considers this new development. "Did I die?" he asks. Tru says she doesn't know, because it's not like it's the name of the episode or anything.

Commercials. Stupid half-ass half-recap reminds me I'm missing the last season of Friends ever. Not that I even like Friends that much, but it's the principle here. My escalating bribe to FOX: Cancel Tru Calling and I'll buy Sean Hannity's book. Whatever it's called. I'm assuming he has a book, because all those guys have books.

When we return, Davis is still pondering his possible upcoming demise. Tru wants Davis to go hang out at her apartment until the danger is over. Why not hang out at his own place? Oh, wait, Davis doesn't even have a last name. Why would he have his own place? Davis worries about Tru, but she insists that she'll be fine as she heads out to fruitlessly warn Nicole. Davis thanks her for telling him the truth about what happened.

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