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Cut to the nail salon, where Nicole and her friends are getting their nails done while discussing the fact that the groom's mother is insisting on singing at the wedding, even though she's awful. Tru wanders in and sits down next to Nicole. She strikes up a conversation with Nicole by giving her advice about what sort of nail treatment to get, and this is all girly stuff that I don't understand. I have my nails done "Gerbil Style," in the sense that they're frequently maintained by me chewing on them. They blather on for a bit about the wedding day. The Powers That Prod remind Tru of Davis's comment yestertoday that perhaps somebody didn't want her to get married. Tru eases the conversation (and by "eases," I mean "hamfistedly steers") in the direction of whether or not Nicole's exes will be around or upset. Nicole doesn't really think so, but one of the other women helpfully exposits, "Justin? Justin Burke?" Nicole doesn't think Justin has spared her a second thought. But the bridesmaid is taking her responsibility as chief expositor very, very seriously, and points out that Justin bought her an expensive wedding gift, even though he's not even invited. Well, maybe he's just nice? I mean, would a jealous ex-boyfriend buy something expensive and beautiful for her? Isn't he essentially just saying, "Enjoy your married life! I'm over you!" Whatever. Stupid. Tru checks her watch.

Which is another obnoxious transition to Harrison checking his watch at Standard Diner. Tru sent him here to deal with the waitress who got stiffed for $7.32. Except that Harrison thinks Tru put the waitress up to this whole thing. I hate him so much.

Tru is walking down the street, talking on the phone and pulling the same trick she did last episode to get somebody's address. She pretends that she works for Justin and gave the wrong address for the delivery of his wedding gift to Nicole. Of course, they give her Justin's address. Wouldn't Justin have had the gift shipped to Nicole? And didn't Nicole already get the gift? How else would Bridesmaid of Exposition know what he sent? God, I hate this show.

Cut to Meredith, discovering that Tru took her keys. She gets all pissy, but has her assistant call her a cab.

Tru drives up to some other house and rings the doorbell. We hear a woman's voice tell Tru she's out back. Tru heads behind the house, where we meet Christina "Saffron" Hendricks, reprising her role of innocent-looking waif who really, really isn't. She's going to get typecast. She's trimming flowers of some sort, and makes some very casual mention about pollen getting everywhere as Tru approaches. She asks Tru who she is. Tru lies that she's a neighbor who has the same street address as this house, but a few blocks over. She says received a box that was supposed to go to his address, to Justin Burke. I'm just going to keep calling this woman Saffron, because they never give us a name for her (it's not like she's an important character or anything), and plus she's playing with plants. Saffron says that this is Justin's house -- Justin is her boyfriend. Tru asks if he's around. Saffron says he'll be home for lunch soon, and asks where the package was from. When Tru tells her, Saffron realizes it's the wedding gift he must have gotten for his ex-girlfriend, Nicole. Tru asks Saffron if the whole marriage thing is a little weird. Saffron says that ever since Justin found out about the wedding, he's been a little "off," but she's sure it's nothing.

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